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Founded on Kamigawa

The Reckoners form a sprawling, loosely connected series of criminal gangs on Kamigawa, that trace their history to before The Kami War.[1]


Usually, the Reckoners operate openly as legitimate businesses, but anyone who crosses them is quickly met with harsh violence according to a strict code. Alliances, betrayals, and turf wars between gangs are common, but those same gangs will unite against outsiders. Of Kamigawa's major organizations, the Reckoners are the most flexible and have no problem relying on both technology and kami powers—whatever gets the job done. They aren't very concerned with what the future should look like—so long as they can profit from it.

The Reckoners attract members who have grown disillusioned with society. Many an embittered, cynical Imperial samurai has joined the Reckoners' ranks, but they also recruit poisoners, kami channelers, and ninjas. No matter a person's origin, there's a strong sense of family and fellowship within the Reckoners.

Tests of loyalty are demanded on a regular basis. Every member of the Reckoners is inked with magical tattoos that ensure loyalty and prevent betrayal. As a recruit climbs the ranks, they receive additional tattoos, each representing a new binding or connection forged within the gang. Bosses are often tattooed from neck to toe.

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  • The Reckoners are inspired by the Yakuza.

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