Red Donald

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Red Donald was a warlord who had fought with his troops across the Domains of Dominaria.

At the end of his lifetime he arrived with his daughter Ad'Amra in the town of Mors Ridge, where a boy called Ham performed "Tickery" magic to keep the Elder Dragon Palladia-Mors at bay. Donald didn't believe the story and when a magical storm picked up his Dragon Whelp familiar convinced him to start digging canals in the ridge. This actually awoke Palladia-Mors. The Dragon Whelp was revealed to be Vaevictis Asmadi. He had manipulated Donald in order to awaken Palladia, needing her to lift the curse that had turned him into a whelp. Together with an army of zombies and orcs the two Elders start wreaking havoc. The orc general Balgot killed Red Donald with a poisoned blade.

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