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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 1 card
{C} 100%
as of Theros Beyond Death
Scryfall Search

Reflection is a creature type used for cards and tokens that depict any creature that is an image of another creature, seen in a mirror, on a shiny surface or in the air. The reflection may be specular (i.e. direct) or diffuse according to the nature of the contact surfaces.

The first card to bear the type was Aurora of Emrakul in Eldritch Moon, but the subtype was used much earlier for tokens in Tempest and Invasion. The subtype returned in Theros Beyond Death for Alirios, Enraptured.

Tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Reflection White Creature — Reflection 2/2
White Creature — Reflection X/X
Blue Creature — Reflection 3/2