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First seen The Purifying Fire
Last seen Magic Origins
Rabiah Scale 6[1]
Status Unknown

Regatha is the plane where the Order of Heliud was founded.[2]


Regatha is known for a magical phenomenon called the Purifying Fire. Parts of Regatha are highly volcanic, and wildlife like the Embermaw Hellion has adapted to living in fiery conditions. For certain periods, Jaya Ballard and Chandra Nalaar made it their home.[3][4]

Notable locations[]

  • The Great Western Wood, home to reclusive elves[5]
  • Mount Keralia
    • Keral Keep, a monastery founded by followers of Jaya Ballard
  • Zinara, the city ruled by the Order of Heliud
  • The Sleeping Mountain, a volcano that last erupted circa 4561 AR [6]

Planeswalker visitors[]

In-game references[]

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