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God of the Worthy
Reidane, God of the Worthy.jpg
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Reidane is the god of Justice from Kaldheim.[1] She is youthful, arrogant, fanatical, and fully committed to the cause of justice.[2]


Once Reidane has made up her mind about an issue, she never wavers in her judgment. Her conception of justice revolves around "fairness," which to her means that every injustice must be paid in a sacrifice of equivalent value—including blood. This belief is echoed in the Code of the Clans of Bretagard and practiced by most of the human clans. Reidane willingly aids mortals who can convince her they are owed a blood debt that has not yet been paid, and she has a special regard for the Beskir clan, whose founding leader once saved Alrund's life.[3]

In-game references[]

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  • Reidane may be based on Sól, the Norse goddess of the sun, as she too is associated with the shield (svalinn) and her realm of Starnheim illuminates Kaldheim like the sun does on other worlds. Additionally, her variant art portrays horses (Sól riding a horse-drawn carriage) and a golden halo on her head, further stapples of how the sun goddess is portrayed in Nordic art.
  • She is also based on Forseti, the Norse god of the justice.