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Release cards are cards given away for paying to play at release events.


Starting with Eighth Edition, these cards were known as Launch Party promo cards. From Avacyn Restored onwards the name of "Launch Party" was phased out and the cards were then given away at the first Friday Night Magic after release day. Release cards are stamped or otherwise marked to identify them as the release card, are foil, and bear the card's expansion symbol or logo as a watermark. From Amonkhet onwards they were given away at the Draft Weekend, the weekend following release day.[1]

From Core Set 2020 onward, the release card was replaced by a card from the WPN promo pack, distributed at the discretion of the stores.[2] However, supplemental sets like Jumpstart[3] could still offer fixed launch promos.


The following table is a list of release event cards:

Card Set Date Comment
Rukh Egg Eighth Edition July 26, 2003 Global Celebration Tournament[4]
Ass Whuppin' Unhinged November 20, 2004 Parody of the card Vindicate (Apocalypse)
Budoka Pupil Betrayers of Kamigawa January 28, 2005 Highlights Flip cards
Ghost-Lit Raider Saviors of Kamigawa June 3, 2005 Highlights Channel
Force of Nature Ninth Edition August 29, 2005 Available everywhere except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
Шиванский дракон (Shivan Dragon) Ninth Edition September 24, 2005 Available in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus only
Dimir Guildmage[5] Ravnica: City of Guilds October 7, 2005 Highlight Hybrid mana
Gruul Guildmage Guildpact February 3, 2006
Azorius Guildmage[6] Dissension May 5, 2006
Marit Lage token[7] Coldsnap July 21, 2006
Sudden Shock Time Spiral October 7, 2006 Highlights Split second mechanic
Hedge Troll Planar Chaos February 2, 2007. Highlights Planeshifted cards
Storm Entity Future Sight May 4, 2007 Highlights Futurshifted cards
生けるものの洞窟 (Zoetic Cavern) Future Sight May 4, 2007 Japanese release card
Reya Dawnbringer Tenth Edition July 14, 2007 Worldwide Game Day
樹上の村 (Treetop Village) Tenth Edition July 14, 2007 Japanese release card
Shriekmaw Lorwyn October 12, 2007 Highlights Evoke
Earwig Squad[8] Morningtide February 1, 2008 Highlights Prowl mechanic
Vexing Shusher[9] Shadowmoor May 2, 2008 Highlights return of Hybrid mana
Figure of Destiny Eventide July 25, 2008
Ajani Vengeant[10] Shards of Alara October 3, 2008 Also used as prerelease card with the same stamped date. Available in six languages.
Obelisk of Alara[11] Conflux February 6, 2009
Knight of New Alara[12] Alara Reborn April 30, 2009 Highlights Multicolored
Ant Queen Magic 2010 July 17, 2009
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Zendikar October 2, 2009
Joraga Warcaller[13] Worldwake February 5, 2010 Highlights Multikicker
Lord of Shatterskull Pass Rise of the Eldrazi April 23, 2010 Highlights Level up
Plots that Span Centuries[14] Archenemy June 18, 2010 Highlights Schemes
Ancient Hellkite Magic 2011 July 16, 2010
Steel Hellkite[15] Scars of Mirrodin October 1, 2010
Thopter Assembly[16] Mirrodin Besieged February 4, 2011
Phyrexian Metamorph[17] New Phyrexia May 13, 2011 Highlights Phyrexian mana
Garruk's Horde Magic 2012 July 16, 2011
Ludevic's Test Subject / Ludevic's Abomination Innistrad October 1, 2011 Highlight Transform mechanic
Mondronen Shaman / Tovolar's Magehunter Dark Ascension February 4, 2012
Restoration Angel Avacyn Restored May 4, 2012[18] Highlights Angel and Flicker themes
Stairs to Infinity Planechase 2012 June 1, 2012[19] Highlights Plane cards
Staff of Nin Magic 2013 July 13, 2012[20]
Deadbridge Goliath Return to Ravnica October 5, 2012[21] Highlights Scavenge mechanic
Skarrg Goliath Gatecrash February 1, 2013[22] Highlights Bloodrush mechanic
Breaking // Entering Dragon's Maze May 3, 2013[23] Highlights split cards with Fuse
Colossal Whale Magic 2014 July 19, 2013[24]
Bident of Thassa Theros September 27, 2013[25] Highlights Enchantment artifacts
Tromokratis Born of the Gods Feb 7, 2014[26]
Dictate of the Twin Gods Journey into Nyx May 2, 2014[27]
In Garruk's Wake Magic 2015 July 18, 2014[28]
Dragon Throne of Tarkir Khans of Tarkir September 26, 2014[29]
Sandsteppe Mastodon Fate Reforged January 23, 2015[30] Highlights Bolster keyword action
Deathbringer Regent Dragons of Tarkir March 27, 2015[31]
Mizzium Meddler Magic Origins July 17, 2015[32]
Blight Herder Battle for Zendikar October 2, 2015[33] Highlights Processors
Endbringer Oath of the Gatewatch January 22, 2016[34] Highlights Colorless mana
Angel of Deliverance Shadows over Innistrad April 8, 2016[35] Highlights Delirium Ability word
Identity Thief Eldritch Moon July 22, 2016[36]
Saheeli's Artistry Kaladesh September 30, 2016[37]
Quicksmith Rebel Aether Revolt January 20, 2017[38]
Oracle's Vault Amonkhet April 28, 2017[39] Highlights Brick counters
Ramunap Excavator Hour of Devastation July 15–16, 2017[40] Highlights Graveyard theme
Bishop of Rebirth Ixalan September 31 / October 1, 2017[41] Highlights white Vampires
Earl of Squirrel Unstable December 9–11, 2017 Highlights Squirrels
Brass's Bounty Rivals of Ixalan January 20–21, 2018 Highlights Treasure
Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp Dominaria April 28–29, 2018 Highlights Legendary creatures
Desecrated Tomb Core Set 2019 July 14–15, 2018
Firemind's Research Guilds of Ravnica October 6–7, 2018[42] Highlight guild-affiliated cards
Simic Ascendancy Ravnica Allegiance January 26–27, 2019[43]
Bolas's Citadel War of the Spark May 4–5, 2019[44] Highlights the main antagonist of the story
Scholar of the Lost Trove Jumpstart July, 17-19, 2020[3] Highlights the new themed cards
Lotus Bloom Time Spiral Remastered March 19, 2021[45] Highlights old card frames appearing in the set
Fabricate Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks August 12, 2022[46] Universes Beyond flavored reprint.
Weathered Wayfarer and Bring to Light. Double Masters 2022 July 8, 2022[47]
Water Gun Balloon Game Unfinity September, 2022[48] Reprint of an old Un-favorite

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