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Introduced Fifth Dawn
Last Used Strixhaven: School of Mages
Reminder Text A deck can have any number of cards named CARDNAME.
A deck can have up to NUMBER cards named CARDNAME.
6 cards
{U} 16.7% {B} 50% {R} 33.3%
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Relentless is a slang term used by Magic R&D to describe spells that allow a deck to have any number of card of a certain name, ignoring the "four-of" Deckbuilding rule (100.2a).

This mechanic was first printed in black, but not necessary exclusive in that color.[1][2][3] It is named after the Relentless Rats, and was originally inspired by Richard Garfield's Plague Rats.[4][5]

Throne of Eldraine introduced the card Seven Dwarves, which has a variant on the Relentless ability.[6] It allows players to break the "four-of" deckbuilding rule but places a different maximum limit on the card. This restriction applies to Limited as well as Constructed.[7]

Strixhaven: School of Mages introduced the card Dragon's Approach, which is the first non-permanent to have the ability.

Cards with relentless[]

{U} Blue
{B} Black
{R} Red