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Race Demigod
Birthplace Setessa, Theros
Lifetime Born centuries ago, reborn as a demigod in the Mending Era

Renata of Setessa was a legendary human hunter and Nylea's favorite champion. Now, she is Nylea's chosen demigod.

Age of Heroes[]

It is said that when Renata threw her spear, she could hit a boar half a mile away. She was always accompanied by her servant Karados.

According to an Akroan tale, the god Keranos sought to test Renata by creating a beast so deadly that even she would balk at trying to hunt it. When Renata slew this lion-ram-dragon creation effortlessly (the first Chimera of Theros), Keranos created another combination of deadlier beasts to challenge her. She slew that beast too, and all the other countless Keranos' creations.[1]

Some of Renata's exploits were recounted by Luphea of Setessa in the Histories book. Among Renata's greatest achievements, was the hunt to bring down the Nessian Boar, the terror of Setessan wilds.[2]

Theros Beyond Death[]

When Heliod instructed his champion, Daxos, to remove all trace of the other gods from the city of Meletis, Nylea and the other gods, refusing to stand for such an affront, called upon champions of their own from the Underworld and made them demigods.[3]

For her champion, Nylea selected Renata.

In-game references[]

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  • Renata seems to be inspired by Atalanta, a fierce huntress who took an oath to the goddess Artemis. Renata's hunt for the Nessian Boar mirrors Atalanta's hunt for the Calydonian Boar.
  • The name Renata comes from Latin and means "born again".


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