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Ria Ivor
Race Auriok
Birthplace Bladehold, Razor Fields, Mirrodin
Lifetime ~4580
Scars of Mirrodin

Captain Ria Ivor is an Auriok warrior from Mirrodin. She originated from the settlement of Bladehold in the Razor Fields.[1]


During the initial phase of the Phyrexian takeover of the plane, Ria and her army were sent on a mission to assist an Auriok and leonin trade settlement called Ten Shields. On her way, she encountered a mutated undead leonin leading her to think about the increasing spread of the Mephidross. When she arrived in Ten Shields, she was puzzled to find the settlement completely deserted. After further investigation though, she and her party realized that they are not alone.

Ria's party was ambushed by a mob of Phyrexians that killed most of her men and caused her mount to flee. She, and a handful others, however, were able to survive. After a relatively disappointing voyage, her party returned to Bladehold where she would face a greater threat to come.

Seven days after the attack on Bladehold, Ria and her party led an offensive against the Phyrexians in the Razor Fields. While she was unable to save most of the settlements, she was still able to rescue many leonin and human refugees. Eventually, she amassed an army made up both leonin and human races, the first person to ever do so. The Phyrexians were soon driven out of the vicinity of Bladehold by her army although she believed this was only temporary.

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