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Race Leonin
Birthplace New Capenna, New Capenna
Lifetime Present
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Rigo, Streetwise Mentor is a leonin citizen of the Brokers family in New Capenna.


A young leonin in New Capenna, he has a pinched, fuzzy, and broad face and wears a pinstripe vest. Street-smart, he has an ear to the ground with a network of street urchins[1]


The Brokers, for all their Park Heights exclusivity, never discount the strength of community or the knowledge that comes from the streets. Looking up, they say, is looking forward. Some of their best enforcers and contract mages come from strivers, kids out of the Caldaia and Mezzio who hustle to get themselves into the family and keep that drive with them to advance up the Brokers's ranks.[2]

Rigo was one of those kids. A street kid in the Mezzio, Rigo had dreams of working with New Capenna's angels. The Brokers were a close second, and so he hustled to catch the eye of Brokers recruiters. As a youth, Rigo built his own network of newsies, pickpockets, shoeshine kids, porters, and errand runners to help Brokers deployed to the Mezzio keep informed, stylish, fed, and paid under the table. He was successful and found himself quickly adopted by the Mezzio's Brokers. Advanced up the chain to the finer firms in Park Heights, Rigo never lost that striver's drive. Now a full-fledged Broker, Rigo never forgets where he came from: he volunteered to serve in the Mezzio, taking special care to look after the kids that remind him so much of himself.[3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Contract Breaker Tobias S. Buckell 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Perrie, Junash, Ari, Leonard, Rigo, Falco Spara, Kros, Jolene

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