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Race Elf
Birthplace Kaladesh
Lifetime Active ~ AR 4560

Rishkar is an Elf Druid with a calm demeanor, from Kaladesh.

An elf cultivator from the forest region of Peema, Rishkar came to Ghirapur to experience the wonders of the Inventors' Fair. After witnessing the Consulate's crackdown and the ramifications of aether shortages in Peema, he found a new purpose; he would fight for free access to aether for all. He has become a fierce advocate of the Renegades' cause.[1]

His connection to the natural world affords him a particular understanding of the movement of aether and the ability to maximize its effectiveness. Renegades were stimulated to seek him out when they wanted to get the most out of their allotments.[2] Since arriving in Ghirapur, he has been charged with multiple instances of pipeline tampering and unlicensed aether distribution.

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