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Race Dragon
Birthplace Yavimaya, Dominaria
Lifetime ~20,000-Unknown

Rith was one of the five Primeval Dragons of Dominaria. Her name meant "childhood" in the old draconic language, and she was known as "The Awakener."

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Rith was a magnificent green dragon whose breath caused the rampant growth of lashing vines across whatever it touched. She was imprisoned inside a Magnigoth Treefolk in Yavimaya by the Numena, but was the first to be freed by Rhammidarigaaz after Tevesh Szat told him of the legend of the Primevals. Once free, she dominated Darigaaz's mind, convincing him to free all of the primevals regardless of the cost in mortal dragon lives.

Rith was imprisoned in Urborg when a group of Magnigoth Treefolk awoke and tracked her there. The lead treefolk ripped her out of the sky and swallowed her before returning to Yavimaya.

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