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Rivals Quick Start Set
Set Information
Set symbol This set has no own expansion symbol.
Symbol description Cards use the symbol of their original expansion.
Release date June 1996
Plane Dominaria
Set size 112 cards
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Rivals Quick Start Set Introductory Two-Player Set Anthologies
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Alliances Rivals Quick Start Set Mirage


The Rivals Quick Start Set was released in the United States in June 1996.[1] It was the first box set in the history of Magic.


The Rivals Quick Start Set aimed to better explain the rules of Magic than any standard rule book could do. It featured four small preconstructed theme decks and extensive game guides. The four decks could later be combined in two larger decks. The set was printed in the United States by Shepard Poorman. This 2-Player Starter Set was supposed to be the first of a series of three Quick Start Sets. The next box, called Conquest Quick Start Set, was already announced, but the production was cancelled shortly afterwards.

A similar box set called the Introductory Two-Player Set was released later that year for the European and Japanese markets.


The Rivals Quick Start Set contained:

  • 112 Fourth Edition Magic playing cards divided into 4 decks (2 x 30 and 2 x 26)
  • 2 rules cards
  • 4 deck list cards
  • 2 player guides covering 2 demo games
  • 1 enhanced rule book with Fourth Edition rules
  • 1 mini–issue of The Duelist magazine which introduced the Magic world
  • 1 consumer response card to provide feedback


Kazz's First Deck[]

Kazz's First Deck

Kazz's Second Deck[]

Kazz's Second Deck

Lands (12)

4 Island

4 Mountain

4 Swamp

Instants (1)

1 Power Sink

Sorceries (2)

1 Detonate

1 Fireball

Zakk's First Deck[]

Zakk's First Deck

Zakk's Second Deck[]

Zakk's Second Deck

Lands (12)

4 Forest

4 Plains

4 Swamp

Artifacts (2)

1 Glasses of Urza

1 Rod of Ruin

Instants (1)

1 Reverse Damage

Interrupts (1)

1 Dark Ritual

Sorceries (1)

1 Winter Blast