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Hammer and Anvil
Founded on Capenna
Active Mending Era
Notable members Ziatora, Henzie, Ognis
Associated Colors

One of the five crime families of New Capenna, the Riveteers are construction workers. They are associated with {B}{R}{G} mana but are centered in red.[1][2][3]

Description[ | ]

Hailing from the artisans that built the kingdoms of Old Capenna, the Riveteers are the major power of the Caldaia, the mortal builders of New Capenna, and the keepers of the largest stockpile of Halo in the city. They are a rowdy, action-first, move-fast-and-break-things crime family whose members are not afraid of fighting hammer and nail to accomplish their goals. Once a union of workers, the Riveteers still hold to many of the values that once organized them: loyalty, strength in numbers, and mutual support.[3]

Managed by the steady claw of the demon-dragon Ziatora, the Riveteers' purview encompasses the whole of the city, even if they typically are only associated with its lower levels. No building goes up—or comes down—without the Riveteers' knowledge and expertise. Without them, the city falls. Spurred on by Ziatora's totalizing draconic vision, the Riveteers believe themselves heirs to a draconic heritage; they can take the city apart and build it anew, and they are unafraid to engage in this aggressive deconstruction and remaking, especially if the target of their efforts are their enemies.[3]

The Riveteers are concentrated in the Caldaia, where they work in the factories and forges but can also be encountered throughout the city erecting buildings and tearing down those who fail to keep up with their protection payments. The Riveteers's headquarters is The Treza, a cavernous warehouse lair in the port district of the Caldaia, where Ziatora lounges and manages the Riveteers' business. Inside this massive space, Ziatora has had her Riveteers build a monument to her glory, shaping its iron beams and balconies into draconic shapes. High ceilings and channels of molten metals define the interior of the space, crossing over floors of dark glass. The Treza is always busy, echoing with the sound of Riveteers smugglers fencing their latest hauls, lair bosses training their recruits, and general carousing.[3]

History[ | ]

During the time of Old Capenna, the Riveteers served as the plane's artisans, blacksmiths, carpenters edificers, and architects.[1][4]

During New Phyrexia's Invasion of the Multiverse, the Obscura, Riveteers, and Brokers defended New Capenna in sparse groups, with the Cabaretti absent in action for as of yet unknown reasons. The Riveteers formulated the plan to collapse Park Heights on Atraxa, using their knowledge of the city's infrastructure and reserves of explosives.[5]

Design influence[ | ]

The Riveteers' design had some influence from street gangs, but the ethnic stereotyping made that less appealing to play into. The result resembled a trade union, with an unclear level of corruption. Some amount was influenced by impulsive (rather than premeditated) crime.[6]

Mechanics[ | ]

The Riveteers' mechanic is Blitz, their creatures going on a wild and deadly rush that draws their owner a card at their inevitable demise.

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