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Rix Maadi
Rix maadi.jpg
Plane Ravnica
Part of Undercity

Rix Maadi, or the Dungeon Palace,[1] is the guildhall of the Cult of Rakdos on Ravnica. It is located in the Undercity under a large mountain and holds the lava pit in which Rakdos slumbers.

The most direct route to Rix Maadi is down an immense stone staircase that leads down an ancient tunnel carved deep into the earth by a wurm and enforced with thick stone pillars. Rakdos members call this subterranean passage the Demon's Vestibule.[2][3] Rix Maadi stands at the far end of a courtyard, the Festival Grounds, its ornate stone edifice flanked by jagged basalt pillars flowing with lava streams. The façade is the only part of the guildhall that resembles an actual building. Inside, Rix Maadi is a large natural cavern with ledges and rooms scattered along its walls, home to the Defiler's minions, blood witches, and servants. Rakdos's lava pit is the chamber's central feature and is the size of a large lake, with crisscrossing stone pathways and docks for people to gather and entertain. The high ceiling is adorned with steel cables, cages, and hooks to hang people, who are cut in a way to ensure they bleed out slowly. Their blood is then captured in basins that are scattered around the cavern floor. After death, their bodies are either hurled into the great lava pit or left for the scavenging hellhounds.[4]

In Rix Maadi is the Jester's Crypt, a dark tunnel where Rakdos takes cultists who displease him. Few ever return.The crypt, which is shrouded by a supernatural mist of pure shadow, is also used when blood witches are created.[3]

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