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Status Active: Exodus to Magic 2012
Education/ Training Northern Illinois University
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Randy "rk" Post is a Magic: The Gathering artist. He has been contributing art to the game since the Exodus and still is active as an artist. Possibly his most famous artwork for the game is Morphling.

Post took illustration classes at Northern Illinois University with Mark Nelson before turning his focus to fantasy illustration in the gaming field. He worked as a freelance interior illustrator for several companies including TSR. After a year and a half he made it onto a Dragon Magazine cover. That break, post says, helped him to squeeze his way into a staff position with TSR in September 1996. He eventually moved out to the northwest offices of Wizards of the Coast after Wizards purchased TSR. He post no names as specific artist as inspiration, but his unique style has certainly been influenced by a multitude of artistic genres.

He painted the five Avatars — Hope, Fury, Will, Woe, and Might — for the Prophecy set. In fact, the Avatar of Will became the iconic packaging image for the expansion. When he approached the work in this set, post had some special considerations to take into account. "[The Magic team] wanted a big creature for each color ... so they had to be massive and powerful," he remembers. Of the five Avatars, post says that he is most partial to Avatar of Hope, but says he may be biased. "I always like painting the female form." The Avatar of Woe runs a close second, partly because post came up with the name of the card himself.

In addition to Prophecy, some of Post's past work resurfaced on the packaging of another card set, the intro-level Starter game. "I did two new pieces for the set: Shrieking Specter and Veteran Cavalier. Plus, the reused the Thorn Elemental from Urza's Destiny as the face of the set." Veteran Cavalier is his favorite from that batch. "It was a chance for me to tangle with something that I hadn't painted until then: horses." "I have been pretty lucky so far," post concludes, "and I hope it continues".

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