Robaran Mercenaries

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Robaran Mercenaries
Robaran Mercenaries.png
Plane Dominaria
Notable Members
Adira Strongheart, Jedit Ojanen, Hazezon Tamar, Jasmine Boreal, Hunding Gjornersen

The Robaran Mercenaries were a group of Dominarian mercenaries, pirates and adventurers in the service of Adira Strongheart. They were based in Palmyra on the continent of Jamuraa.

Despite their name, the Robaran Mercenaries could be a benevolent group, aiding their leader in many missions of mercy. The Robarans' most famous leader was Jedit Ojanen, who led the mercenaries against the military advances of the tyrant Johan. Adira Strongheart kept the best of them close as her personal bodyguards, called her Circle of Seven. They came and went, often getting killed.

While many of the mercenaries survived, it is unknown what became of the group after the fall of Johan and the liberation of Efrava.

Other Notable Robaran Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

  • Heath, a mysterious archer possible part-elf, possibly a Radjan spirit
  • Simone the Siren , a buxom black pirate
  • Treetop, a dwarf
  • Sister Wilemina, an archer-nun who worshipped Lady Caleria
  • Badger, a salty veteran.

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