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The Ronom Glacier was the coldest part of Terisiare during the Ice Age of Dominaria. It extended far southwards and stretched to the north towards Upper Videnth, the peninsula of the Arctic continent, and drained in the Ronom Lake. It was the site where Feldon found the first of a series of cane-like artifacts that would later take up his name.

Ronom Glacier's size was incomprehensible. It loomed, a cliff face composed of pearly ice, studded in broken boulders and shot through with vertical fissures where ice shelves had at one time sheared from its surface. Centuries of wind had scoured grooves across the glacier wall like icy wood grain. Deep within the glacier a number of Phyrexian war-beasts lay frozen until the mad wizard Heidar awakened them in the hope he could stop Freyalise's Thaw. He was opposed by the famed master machinist Arcum Dagsson, who trekked to Ronom Glacier to destroy Heidar's army of constructs.[1]

Even deeper within the glacier was the prison of Marit Lage.[2][3]

The site of the former Ronom Glacier would later give rise to Efuan Pincar.[4]

In-game references[]


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