Rookie of the Year is an award given at the end of a Pro Tour season to the Magic player with the highest number of Pro Points in that season that also made their debut in Pro Tour, World Championship or World Magic Cup that season. With the change to Mythic Points in 2019 and to Player Points in 2020, it appears the award has been retired; while it is possible to manually source and calculate it is not recognized.

The prize currently for this award is a Gold membership in the Pro Players Club for the next year - in 2016, the winner also had a slot at Worlds, though this has since been retired. The competitiveness of the award varies each year; the winner may range from not having achieved Gold status to having Platinum status. Thus, it is possible to win this award without winning any Pro Tour or Grand Prix events if the player finishes high enough in enough events.

Rookie of the Year Winners

Past Rookie of the Year Winners
Year Winner
1997–98 USA.svg Randy Buehler
1998–99 DEU.svg Dirk Baberowski
1999–00 USA.svg Brian Davis
2000–01 JPN.svg Katsuhiro Mori
2001–02 FRA.svg Farid Meraghni
2002–03 JPN.svg Masashi Oiso
2003–04 NLD.svg Julien Nuijten
2005 FRA.svg Pierre Canali
2006 DEU.svg Sebastian Thaler
2007 JPN.svg Yuuya Watanabe
2008 AUS.svg Aaron Nicastri
2009 DEU.svg Lino Burgold
2010 ITA.svg Andrea Giarola
2011 USA.svg Matthias Hunt
2012 CAN.svg Alexander Hayne
2012–13 CHL.svg Felipe Tapia Becerra
2013–14 USA.svg Raymond Perez, Jr.
2014–15 USA.svg Justin Cohen
2015–16 USA.svg Oliver Tiu
2016–17 CAN.svg Ben Hull
2017–18 USA.svg Samuel Ihlenfeldt


  • No player has won Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year in the same year.
    • Randy Buehler was the closest to achieving this feat when he finished second in the 1997–98 Player of the Year race.[1]
    • Only Yuuya Watanabe has won Player of the Year after becoming the Rookie of the Year.
  • Although Jared Boettcher finished with more Pro Points than Raymond Perez, Jr. in 2013–14 season, subsequent investigations by DCI confirmed that Boettcher was cheating in multiple events that involved Pro Points, which resulted in a suspension and the revoking of his Rookie of the Year title.[2]


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