Roreca's Tale

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Roreca's Tale is a short story about the fight between the planeswalkers Worzel and Thomil on the plane of Ergamon, as told by Worzel's familiar Roreca. It was originally published in 1994 in the original Magic: The Gathering Pocket Player's Guide.

Thomil's Lord of the Pit turns on him, ending the duel.

While traveling the plane of Ergamon, Worzel's wards alert her to the presence of Thomil, an old enemy. She summons Scryb Sprites and Grizzly Bears and he responds with undead and by killing one of her bears with Terror. She holds him off with a Circle of Protection: Black until his own Lord of the Pit overwhelms him. He flees the plane and his demon vanishes after raging about the countryside for a time.

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