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Roreca was the planeswalker Worzel's familiar and narrator of the short story "Roreca's Tale".[1][2] Her species is unknown.

The species is intelligent, has thick fur, has two sets of teeth as an adult, wags its tail when pleased, and has males who are smaller than the females (who are three times the weight of a human) but possess "acid sacs" as a defense mechanism. It is unknown if Roreca's ability to sniff out mana lines is unique to her or found in other members of this species.

Roreca is not fond of Scryb Sprites, which are often summoned by her master. The sprites call her "Roreca Kamf", meaning "Roreca Blanket," because they once stole a square foot of her fur to make a bedspread. The familiar endured great pain during Worzel's efforts to heal her and the missing fur didn't grow back, instead being replaced by a tattoo.

Though far larger than a human, Roreca seems to have little interest in combat and cowers inside Worzel's protective wards during duels.


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