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Rotating format is the name given to a tournament format which only allows cards from a selected number of expansions, which changes over time.[1] Rotating formats are used in Standard. Formerly, they were also used in Extended.

History[edit | edit source]

Set rotation (or rotation for short) used to be based on blocks, rather than individual sets. There were three exceptions however:

After the introduction the Three-and-One Model, the four oldest sets in Standard rotate out when the new fall set releases.[2]

Although two Innistrad sets come out only two months apart in the latter part of 2021, R&D is not changing how many sets are being added to Standard during the rotation window, but just shifted the timing around slightly.[3][4]

Banned lists[edit | edit source]

A banned list exists for every rotating format (see Block Constructed).

References[edit | edit source]