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Race Phyrexian
Birthplace Mirrodin
Lifetime Mending Era
Scars of Mirrodin

Roxith, known as the Thane of Rot, was one of the Seven Steel Thanes of New Phyrexia.[1] He aspired to remove the flesh of all of New Phyrexia's lifeforms. He rid his body of all visible flesh and bone and replaced it with tubes and metal structures. He attached what's left of his body to a great golem that follows his every command. He is often followed by imps that scavenge on the flesh he removes from other Phyrexians and controls a swarm of flesh-eating scarabs to help him with this task. Ironically, he also wanted to build a layer composed solely of flesh.


Unlike many Phyrexian Leaders who despised Karn and wished to usurp his rule, Roxith was one of the few who revered him. He wished to gain more power among the Thanes and was planning his next move. He despised Geth since he wasn't a Compleated Phyrexian and figured Sheoldred would dispose of him once she invades the surface. He knew how dangerous the Whispering One is and wanted to avoid conflict with her. Roxith managed to form an alliance with Kraynox, the Deep Thane, by agreeing to harvest flesh for the "Fifth Sphere" he inspired him to make. While passing through Geth's domain, he revealed that Thrissik's realm had enough flesh to help maintain his partnership with Kraynox(something Roxith never disclosed). He got injured on his travels and noticed Sheoldred's night-learners were monitoring him. Roxith wanted to get Thrissik's permission before harvesting some flesh, but the Thane attacked him in an effort to see if he was the "Destoryer" it was looking for. While traveling near the Oxidda Chain, he entered Azax-Azog's territory where the demon warned Roxith he would be the first to fall. While he wanted the demon to elaborate, he refused, but gave him a black cube and told him how to use it. On his way out, the night-learners informed Roxith he was given audience with Sheoldred and Karn. Roxith planned to oust Sheoldred and Karn but failed, and was later killed in a clever deception. When Roxith spoke what he thought were the correct words to the astral coffer, a flurry of razors and shadows tore him to pieces. Sheoldred intended on reconstructing Roxith to serve and entertain her.[2]

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