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Rubinia Soulsinger
Rubinia Soulsinger.jpg
Race Faerie
Birthplace Unknown
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Rubinia Soulsinger was a legendary faerie from an unknown plane. She was featured in the Legends card set.


By simply speaking truth and wisdom, she had the power to sway others and the integrity to know what was right, even in the face of adversity. The coldest warrior would readily join her cause.[1]

Rubinia was masterful at taking over the souls of those who trespassed in her realm: she took over the fate of the trespassers, binding them with magical runes written in ink. Interestingly enough, she was a faerie who couldn't fly.[2]


  • Rubinia was originally called "Titania," but that name was already used in Antiquities.[3]
  • The model for Rubinia Soulsinger depictions in Legends was Carol Monahan, the first head of sales at Wizards of the Coast.[4]

In-game references[]

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