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Enchantment Type
(Subtype for enchantment cards)
5 cards
{W} 20% {U} 20% {B} 20% {R} 20% {G} 20%
as of Kaldheim
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Rune is an aura enchantment type introduced in Kaldheim.

Description[ | ]

Runes can enchant any permanent, though they only provide an effect if attached to a creature or equipment. When attached to a creature, they give it a specific ability. When attached to an equipment, they allow it to grant the same ability when equipped to a creature.[1]

The Rune subtype doesn't have any special rules meaning, but there are a couple of cards that care mechanically about Runes.[2]

Storyline[ | ]

The Kaldheim runes are linked to blessings of the gods.

Rules[ | ]

From the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

  • 205.3h Enchantments have their own unique set of subtypes; these subtypes are called enchantment types. The enchantment types are Aura (see rule 303.4), Background, Cartouche, Case (see rule 719), Class (see rule 716), Curse, Role (see rule 303.7), Rune, Saga (see rule 714), Shard, and Shrine.

Rune cards[ | ]

Cards interacting with Runes[ | ]

  • Runed Crown ({artifact symbol}) — May put a rune card from library, graveyard or hand onto the battlefield attached to this equipment.
  • Runeforge Champion ({W}) — May put a rune card from library or graveyard into hand. Replaces cost of rune spells with {1}.

References[ | ]

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