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Ruric Thar
Race Ogre
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
The Secretist, Part One
The Secretist, Part Two
The Secretist, Part Three

Ruric Thar is a two-headed ogre and the chieftain of the Ghor-Clan of the Gruul Clans on Ravnica.[1][2] They are one of the few beings to challenge Borborygmos and live, though they did not escape unscathed. Because of their peculiarity, most consider them to be two individuals sharing the same body and treat them accordingly.


They became embroiled in the Implicit Maze when Jace Beleren hired them to destroy his research sanctum. Only too happy to help, they wrecked it down to the ground while Jace went about erasing his own memory. However, he was drawn further in when the Azorius Senate arrived to apprehend Jace. Ruric Thar helped the telepath escape, whether intentionally or not, and accidentally gained some fragment of the knowledge Jace had sought to erase from his own mind.

When Jace desperately traced back the information he had purged himself of, it drew him straight back to Ruric Thar. The ogre had taken it upon himself to attempt the maze, along with his warhost and when Jace confronted him, he found himself in a duel for his life. The telepath channeled the minds of Ruric Thar's own warriors against him and eventually emerged victorious, much to the ogre's delight. However, The Azorius were not the only ones who wished to find the mind-mage. The Cult of Rakdos had followed Jace, and Ruric Thar and his host offered to delay them while Jace made his escape. However, the battle was abruptly interrupted when Niv-Mizzet made the grand announcement of the Implicit Maze.

The pair were named the Gruul's maze-runner thanks to their existent knowledge of the maze.

When Domri Rade replaced Borborygmos as Gruul guildmaster, Ruric Thar was disgusted by the rise of "the whelp".[3] They didn't challenge Domri's authority, but harbored a deep resentment to him. They channeled his anger into a series of brutal raids into the Tenth District.

When Arrus, a viashino tattooist of the clan, discovered a Selesnya plot to leech mana from the Rubblebelt, he convinced Ruric Thar to attack the Selesnya.[4]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Ruric Thar Jennifer Clarke Wilkes 2013-04-03 Dragon's Maze Ravnica Ruric Thar
Rage of the Unsung Nicky Drayden 2019-01-30 Ravnica Allegiance Ravnica Gruul Clans, Ruric Thar

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