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Ruzi and Kuma
Ruzi and Kuma.jpg
Race Elf
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era

Ruzi is an Elven Ravnican renegade. He formerly belonged to the Selesnyan Ledev Guardians, and is bonded with the trained giant wolf Kuma.

Ruzi served as Master Trainer for the Wolf Riders, but preferred the work of his guild over its teachings, and was disliked by the dryads because of it.[1] He and Kuma left the Selesnya Conclave after the slaughter of his sister Cecilee and her vernadi in the Rubblebelt by a Rakdos ring led by Massacre Girl. He agreed to a truce with the Zhur-Taa Gruul led by Nikya, and seceded, looking for a revenge against the Rakdos he knew Trostani would never agree to.[2]

The two were both last seen escaping from the Azorius Records Hall, having stolen documents on Massacre Girl's activities and set the building alight. He is now the Azorius's ninth most wanted criminal.[3]

In-game references[]

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