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The SCG Tour is a series of high level Magic: The Gathering tournaments organized by StarCityGames in North America to rival the Wizards of the Coast driven tournament scene.


The SCG Tour is integrated into the Players Tour and offers invites to the Championship level and provide paths to the Rivals League and the MPL.[1]

Open Series[]

Any player may participate in the Open series, which is similar to the Grand Prix circuit, while good results in the Open series can earn the player a spot to participate in the Invitational series.

Invitational series[]

The Invitational series is StarCityGames' equivalent of the Players Tour. StarCityGames also organizes its own coverage of these tournaments and streams it over the internet. Since the introduction of WPN Premium Series in 2016, all Invitational series' winner also receive an invitation to the Pro Tour following that event.

Online series[]

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in 2020, SCG introduced the SCG Tour Online. This is a tournament series digitally played on Magic: The Gathering Arena, in which players from around the world can compete for Star City Games store credit and cash prizes.[2]


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