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Standard Pauper Deck Challenge (abbreviated to "SPDC") is a player-run event on Magic Online, in which players are pitted against each other in three or four rounds of Swiss play, followed by a Top 4 or Top 8 play-off. The cardpool for SPDC is similar to the cardpool for conventional Standard tournaments, except that by nature of the Pauper Magic format only commons are legal.


As of 22 February 2007, SPDC is in its third season, which is called Season 2. (The initial season was a trial run and was called Season 0.) The original host, "idoru", carried the event through the first two seasons, and then handed the role of tournament organizer over to "icarodx".

Season structure[]

In keeping with most PDC Player-Run Events, SPDC is a series of 16 tournaments over the course of the season, culminating in a 'Worlds' championship event. Players earn points towards Worlds with each event they enter and each match they win during the course of the season. After the 16th event, the top 24 players (determined by point values) are invited to attend Worlds and compete for the title. Prizes at SPDC events, if any, are currently donated by members of the PDC community.

Other player-run Pauper events[]

  • QPDC, Monday Nights, Classic
  • TPDC, Tuesday Nights, Classic
  • Mini-PDC, Saturday Mornings, Classic
  • Euro-PDC, Saturday Afternoons, Classic

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