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Sages of Minorad
Sages of Minorad
Founded on Minorad, Corondor, Dominaria
Founded 3000 AR
Status Fallen
Notable members Kristina of the Woods, Embereck, Grenfell Mor, Altair of Coloni, Liana
Races Humans, an elf, a minotaur and an elemental.

The Sages of Minorad were a group of sages led by five native Dominarian planeswalkers who gathered in the spires of Minorad, the northernmost habitable point in Corondor, to share their knowledge and document the passing of time.[1] The council of elders sent Silver Ernes across Dominaria to gather its greatest minds for the group. They first gathered in 3000 AR, which became year 1 of the Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad. This event is called The Gathering.

At a certain point in time the planeswalker Ravidel, fearing that the gathered 'walkers could disrupt his plan for revenge, attacked the Summit of Minorad. He threatened to butcher all of Minorad's sages with the Golgothian Sylex. Ash Warlord Embereck left, vowing revenge on Ravidel, but Kristina of the Woods, Grenfell Mor, Altair of Coloni and Liana were forced into servitude and exiled to a certain region on Corondor. The group, save for Embereck, later gathered again to help Jared Carthalion destroy the Sylex. Several of its members were present in the Planeswalkers' War of Corondor.

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