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Plane Ulgrotha
Notable Members

The Samite are a very large sect of devout healers, clerics and alchemists.

They are not a religious order, rather concentrating on healing any sentient being in need regardless of race or creed. The Samite exist on many planes, most notably Dominaria and Ulgrotha. On Dominaria, they have been sighted on the continents of Jamuraa, Terisiare, and Otaria. Perhaps the most famous of all Samite clerics was Orim, who surely brought the Samite order to the plane of Mercadia following the Phyrexian Invasion. The Samite order continues to exist after the Time Spiral crisis, using healing minerals extracted from the receding salt dunes of Dominaria's once-ruined plains.

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References[edit | edit source]

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Note[edit | edit source]

Samite is a heavy fabric of silk, often woven with gold or silver threads, used in the Middle Ages for clothing.