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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/kindred cards)
Beeble Scale 7[1]
76 cards
{W} 42.1% {U} 1.3% {B} 13.2% {R} 25% {G} 6.6% {R/G} 1.3% {R/W} 7.9% {M} 2.6%
7 Samurai creation cards
{W} 57.1% {R} 14.3% {W/B} 14.3% {R/W} 14.3%
as of March of the Machine
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Samurai is a creature class. Samurai, also known as Bushi (BOO-shee),[2] or musha (MOO-shah)[2] are warriors who have sworn their service and their lives to a single authority figure, usually a feudal lord.

Description[ | ]

Most samurai are noble and serve their duty unflinchingly. Samurai are often equipped with a longsword called a katana and a shortsword called a wakizashi; in many lands where samurai are found, they are the only citizens allowed to carry more than one weapon. The bushido ability, representing their combat ability, is exclusive to samurai. Most samurai are aligned with white.[3][4]

Due to personal dishonor or the death of their lord, some samurai become rogues called ronin; ronin may be just as honorable as other samurai or as underhanded as the darkest rogue. Ronin are usually black or red. Dishonored Samurai are also known as ochimusha.

Tetsuo, Imperial Champion is, to date, the only samurai card explicitly from a plane other than Kamigawa (although Jade Avenger from Modern Horizons 2 also doesn't appear Kamigawan, its homeworld is ambiguous).

History[ | ]

Samurai first appeared exclusively in the Kamigawa block. All Samurai in the block had Bushido.

The first Samurai printed outside the block was Jade Avenger in Modern Horizons 2. Samurai reappeared in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. In this set, the Samurai had a mechanical revamp - they were co-tribalized with Warrior and had a theme of attacking alone. Like in the original block, Samurai are White and Red focused, but the other colors all have representatives. Bushido is not retained as a keyword but is listed as an ability.

Notable Samurai[ | ]

Tokens[ | ]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Samurai White Creature — Samurai 2/2 Vigilance
White Creature — Samurai 2/2 Double strike

References[ | ]

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