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Plane Dominaria
Part of Terisiare
Status Fallen
Later part of Argive

Sardia was a mountainous country on ancient Terisiare during the Brothers' War on Dominaria, peopled by savage clans.

The Sardian Mountains were home to many dwarves. It was these dwarves, along with some goblin tribes, that invented a substance like gunpowder, an otherwise rarely seen invention on Dominaria. The Brothers soon made much use of this "goblin powder" in their war-time technologies. Near the end of the war, Urza had the dwarves purged after the creation of his Colossus, because they had been caught sending provisions to Mishra.[1] Buried under a thin layer of dirt, the Colossus was known for centuries as Mount Sardia.

The Archmandrite of the Ivory Tower invited Kathwar, chief of the Malpiri clan, representing the Sardian people as well as the Malpiri, to join the Council of Mages.

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