Sardian Mountains

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Sardian Mountains
Plane Dominaria
Part of Terisiare
Status Former name of present-day Karplusan Mountains
Later part of Karplusan Mountains

The Sardian Mountains were located on Terisiare, and were the home to dwarves in that region. The mountains were rich in metal and stone, so Urza traded with the dwarves to fuel his war effort during the Brothers' War. Urza used their resources to create the Colossus of Sardia which was used in the final battle of the war, on Argoth. After years of service, Urza found out that the dwarves where trading with Mishra too; they eventually rose against Argive, and for this they were slaughtered. During the last years of the war, surviving Sardian dwarves reported that burning rains were falling from the sky into their land, searing the flesh and corroding any exposed mechanism.[1] It is unknown if the dwarves survived past the Ice Age.

After the war, the range became known as the Karplusan Mountains.[2]

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