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The Cosmos Wolf
Race Wolf
Birthplace The Cosmos, Kaldheim
Lifetime Unknown

Sarulf is a Cosmos monster from Kaldheim.[1] He is known as the Dread-Wolf and the Realm Eater.


Sarulf is a giant wolf. Like all Cosmos monsters, he was created at the birth of the world and dwelled in the void between the realms of Kaldheim.


Sarulf carved a swathe of destruction as he wandered the realms. Working together, the gods and the dwarves captured him on Axgard. Sarulf was trapped in a cavern and bound with eight magical chains. Yet, his incessant howling was intolerable to the dwarves, who demanded that the gods find another place to imprison the wolf. While he was being transported to Littjara, Sarulf escaped, and he again now wanders free in the Cosmos.[2]

Sarulf has two children: Kit a little wolf who lives with a human girl, and Lukya a beautiful copper wolf who became Lathril's companion. Lukya is sent by her father to Lathril to guide the elf to the realm where Kit lived and was kidnapped. After saving Kit, Lukya decided to live with Lathril. As a way of thanking her, Sarulf blessed Lathril and her people by allowing them to walk around their territories and communicate with their beasts.[3]


Inspired by the wolf Fenrir, and possibly the wolves Hati and Sköll, repetitively, the devourers of the Moon and the Sun.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Saga of Lathril Elsa Sjunneson 2021-02-05 Kaldheim Kaldheim Lathril, Lukya, Kit, Sarulf

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