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Race Human
Birthplace Kessig, Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Saryth was a human witch from Kessig, Innistrad.


When the Dawnhart Coven first reformed, the leader Katilda was at odds with the young acolyte Saryth. Saryth, a powerful hedgewitch, believed that Ghrin-danu's power was not enough to restore Innistrad. She expressed a desire to worship additional gods, but the other witches were unflinching in their loyalty. Whether she was expelled from the coven or left on her own depends on who you ask. Saryth decided to found her own coven, one dedicated to a forgotten snake god of venom and vengeance. Whether she intends to interfere with the Dawnhart's Harvesttide rituals or continue to scheme quietly remains to be seen.[1]

Midnight Hunt[]

Saryth controlled Sinnia, Leinore's younger sister, through a mask. Her intention was to summon a creature called the Coiled One (a massive snake-like god) to chase away the growing darkness in Innistrad. For this she made Sinnia attract people to be sacrificed in the forest. The final part of the ritual would be Sinnia's death, but she was saved by Leinore and Katilda and so the ritual was interrupted. During the fight with Katilda, Saryth fell into a hole made by the ritual and apparently died.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Sisters Eugenia Triantafyllou 2021-09-10 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad Leinore, Sinnia, Katilda, Jagger, Saryth, the Coiled One

In-game references[]

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