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Not to be confused with Savaea.
Plane Ikoria

Savai is one of the triomes on the plane of Ikoria. It is primarily white-aligned, with black and red as secondary colors[1]


Savai is a cracked plain of arid grasslands along an expansive coastline with mountainous cliff faces, with branching cave networks of swampy tunnels lying under the surface. Prides of big cats hunt across the steppes, while the tunnels and trenches below the grassy surface provide cover for humans and other prey species.

Savai has an arid climate, receiving only a few inches of naturally generated rainfall per year. Humans ration water carefully or produce it through magic, while much of Savai's wildlife relies on the movements of large monsters who bring weather systems with them. The canyons and tunnels of the Unundo cave system extend for miles under Savai. Some tunnels terminate suddenly in massive drops, like the seemingly bottomless Glondo Gorge. The Jal Korcha, or "terror road," runs west from Drannith, along the shore of lake Attayal, and through the mountains of Raugrin before reaching the city of Lavabrink. The Savai stretch of the road involves crossing many precarious stone bridges over the triome's many trenches.

Like in any of the other triomes, crystals grow in Savai. The same crystals that root deep enough to pierce Savai's catacombs also soar high enough to change its weather.[2]

Dominant clade[]

The Cat clade of monsters are ferocious carnivores that roam in prides across the plains and mesas of Savai, hunting grazers like oxen, antelope, and elephants. Like cats from other planes, Ikorian cats enjoy playing with their food. The larger members of the clade delight in hunting humans: turning the tables on monster hunters, stalking traveling merchants, and circumventing the defenses of sanctuary cities through their strength, agility, and cunning. When bonded, cats often use food as gifts to show affection.

Cat clade monsters by some common features they share with more "traditional" cats. They have similar ears, tails, and paws, and often feature lion-like manes or fur patterns reminiscent of tigers, cheetahs, or jaguars. Many Ikorian cats also have wings, which are considered by Ikorians a natural feature of the clade rather than a special mutation.

Savai apex monster is Snapdax.


  • Egali, a lush plain in the lowlands of Savai
    • The Argalith a massive crystal around which Drannith was built
    • The river Magra
  • The Unundo cave system, a network of swampy underground tunnels that extends for miles under Savai
    • The Glondo Gorge a seemingly bottomless drop within the Unundo cave system
  • The Jal Korcha or "terror road", which connects the cities of Drannith and Lavabrink

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