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Saviors of Kamigawa

Saviors of Kamigawa
SOK logo
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Lantern
Design Brian Tinsman (lead) [1]
Brian Schneider
Brandon Bozzi
Devin Low
Development Randy Buehler (lead) [2]
Brian Schneider
Worth Wollpert
Mons Johnson
Justin Webb
Art direction Jeremy Cranford
Release date June 3, 2005
Plane Kamigawa
Themes and mechanics Flip cards, Wisdom (handsize matters)
Keywords/​ability words Channel, Epic, Sweep
Set size 165 cards
(55 commons, 55 uncommons, 55 rares)
Expansion code SOK[3]
Development codename Fire
Kamigawa block
Champions of Kamigawa Betrayers of Kamigawa Saviors of Kamigawa
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Betrayers of Kamigawa Saviors of Kamigawa Ninth Edition
For the novel, see Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa.

Saviors of Kamigawa is the thirty-fifth Magic expansion and was released in June, 2005 as the third set in the Kamigawa block. The prerelease was May 21, 2005.[4]

Set details[ | ]

Saviors of Kamigawa contains 165 black-bordered cards (55 rare, 55 uncommon, and 55 commons). Its expansion symbol is a "toro".[5] A toro is a lamp of stone, bronze, iron, wood, or another heavy material. These illuminate the grounds of Japanese temples, shrines, gardens, and other places that include tradition in their decor. It's also a symbol of hope.[6] Saviors of Kamigawa expands on the Kamigawa block themes, featuring cards with spiritcraft, Soulshift, Spirits, Arcane instants and sorceries, cards with Splice onto Arcane, and a high number of legendary creatures. It introduced flip cards that change their permanent type when flipped. With Evermind, it featured the first spell in Magic without a casting cost (its effect can only be achieved through the use of the Splice mechanic).

Marketing[ | ]

Saviors of Kamigawa was sold in 15-card boosters, four preconstructed theme decks and a fat pack.[7] The booster packs featured artwork from Infernal Kirin, Maga, Traitor to Mortals and Adamaro, First to Desire. The prerelease card was a foil alternate art Kiyomaro, First to Stand. The release card was Ghost-Lit Raider. The set was accompanied by a novel by Scott McGough.

Storyline[ | ]

The ronin Toshi has sought to avoid the great conflict between the spirit and human realms. But despite his best efforts, he's not only involved in it, he's at the center of it. Together with Princess Michiko, daughter of Daimyo Konda, he must find a way to stave off the impending victory of the kami, while preserving his own life into the bargain.[8][9]

Tournament impact[ | ]

Following the steps of the rest of the block, Saviors of Kamigawa contributed to the tournament scene with strong finishers and "fatties" like Kagemaro, First to Suffer, Maga, Traitor to Mortals and Arashi, the Sky Asunder, as well as strong sideboard cards, like Pithing Needle, Manriki-Gusari and Kataki, War's Wage. It also featured a good amount of quality weenies like Hand of Honor, Hand of Cruelty that helped aggro decks battle the mostly control environment of Kamigawa Block Constructed.

Mechanics[ | ]

Saviors of Kamigawa introduced the ability words Sweep and Channel, the keyword Epic. It also introduced the wisdom mechanic, cards that get better depending on your and sometimes your opponents' hand size. Several cards altered your or your opponent's maximum hand size.

  • Sweeps — some powerful spells can uproot the land itself. When you play a spell with the sweep ability, you can return to your hand any number of your lands of the right type. The more lands you return, the more devastating the spell is (e.g. Sink into Takenuma).
  • Channel — near the final days of the war, the veil between worlds became increasingly volatile. Kami with the channel ability could focus their life essence into a one-shot blast of energy instead of solidifying into a creature (e.g. Ghost-Lit Redeemer). Since this is an ability instead of a spell, regular countering spells can't stop it.[10]
  • Epic — Spells with the epic ability are so extraordinary that once you play one, you can't play any more spells for the rest of the game. However, each time your upkeep starts, you get another free copy of the epic spell (e.g. Enduring Ideal).[11]
  • Wisdom — the set is filled with creatures and spells that get better the more cards you have in your hand (e.g. Akki Underling, Kitsune Bonesetter).

Creature types[ | ]

The following creature types are introduced in this expansion: Kirin.

The following creature types are used in this expansion but also appear in previous sets: Advisor, Archer, Beast, Cleric, Demon, Druid, Fox, Goblin, Insect, Mercenary, Monk, Moonfolk, Ogre, Rat, Rogue, Scout, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Snake, Soldier, Spirit, Warrior, Zubera.

Cycles[ | ]

Saviors of Kamigawa has nine cycles and a vertical cycle.

Cycle name {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Ascendants Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant Erayo, Soratami Ascendant Kuon, Ogre Ascendant Homura, Human Ascendant Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant
Each of these rare legendary Monk creatures flip to legendary enchantments.[12]
Bouncers Eiganjo Free-Riders Trusted Advisor Skull Collector Oni of Wild Places Stampeding Serow
Each of these uncommon creatures requires another creature of its color to be returned to your hand during each of your upkeeps, keeping your hand full and fitting with the wisdom mechanic.
Epic Enduring Ideal Eternal Dominion Neverending Torment Undying Flames Endless Swarm
Each of these rare sorceries restrict you from playing any more spells for the rest of the game, but the epic spell is copied during each of your upkeeps until the game ends.
Ghost-Lit Ghost-Lit Redeemer Ghost-Lit Warder Ghost-Lit Stalker Ghost-Lit Raider Ghost-Lit Nourisher
Each of these uncommon Spirit creatures has an activated ability and can be discarded from your hand using the channel ability for twice the effect.[13]
Kirin Celestial Kirin Cloudhoof Kirin Infernal Kirin Skyfire Kirin Bounteous Kirin
Each of these rare legendary Spirit creatures has flying and a spiritcraft ability related to the casting cost of the spell cast.
Maros Kiyomaro, First to Stand Soramaro, First to Dream Kagemaro, First to Suffer Adamaro, First to Desire Masumaro, First to Live
Each of these legendary Spirit creatures, fashioned after the card Maro from Mirage, have power and toughness dependent on the number of cards in a player's hand.[14]
Maro spells Descendant of Kiyomaro Descendant of Soramaro Kagemaro's Clutch Gaze of Adamaro Descendant of Masumaro
Each of these spells is related to the corresponding legendary Maro Spirit.
Onna Nikko-Onna Kiri-Onna Kemuri-Onna Yuki-Onna Haru-Onna
Each of these uncommon Spirit creatures have comes-into-play abilities can be returned to your hand whenever you play a Spirit or Arcane spell.
Shinen Shinen of Stars' Light Shinen of Flight's Wings Shinen of Fear's Chill Shinen of Fury's Fire Shinen of Life's Roar
Each of these common Spirit creatures has a static ability and can be discarded from your hand using channel to give this ability to another creature.

Vertical cycle[ | ]

Cycle name
Recursive Death of a Thousand Stings Exile Into Darkness Akuta, Born of Ash
Each of these three black spells has an ability that returns it from the graveyard assuming you have more cards in hand than each opponent.

Pairs[ | ]

Saviors of Kamigawa has four mirrored pairs.

Mirrored Pairs Description
Arashi, the Sky Asunder
Jiwari, the Earth Aflame
Rare legendary Spirit creatures for {3}MM with an activated ability to deal damage to a (non-) flying creature and can both be discarded using channel to deal damage to all (non-) flying creatures.
Burning-Eye Zubera
Rushing-Tide Zubera
3/3 uncommon Zubera Spirit creatures for {2}MM with an ability that triggers if they go to the graveyard from play after being dealt four damage or more that turn.
Hand of Cruelty
Hand of Honor
2/2 Human Samurai for MM, both with protection from the opposing color and Bushido 1.
Ivory Crane Netsuke
Ebony Owl Netsuke
Uncommon artifacts for {2} with an upkeep ability which triggers when certain players have seven or more cards in hand.

Functional reprints[ | ]

Saviors of Kamigawa has five functional reprints:

Notable cards[ | ]

Theme decks[ | ]

The preconstructed theme decks are:

deck name
Colors Included
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Soratami's Wisdom W U
Critical Mass B R
Spirit Flames R G
Truth Seekers W G

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