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Savor the Flavor was a column that appeared weekly on Written by members of the Magic: The Gathering Creative Team (mainly Matt Cavotta and Doug Beyer), it explored the creative process behind the flavor, including card art, flavor text, card names, world-building, books, comics, and the foundations of Magic: the Gathering on fantasy. Until August 2008, it was called Taste the Magic. It was replaced in 2012 by the Uncharted Realms column.

Short stories[]

Title Author Release Date Setting (plane) Featuring
Wake Up Call Matt Cavotta February 22, 2006 Ravnica Nephilim, the old gods of Ravnica.
Precious Gold Matt Cavotta March 29, 2006 Ravnica Flavor of the Orzhov guild.
The Hussar's Last Mission Doug Beyer April 12, 2006 Ravnica Azorius fiction.
Life Is Beautiful Rei Nakazawa April 12, 2006 Ravnica Simic fiction.
The Merrytown Massacre Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar April 19, 2006 Ravnica Rakdos fiction.
Makin' the Law, Makin' the Law Matt Cavotta May 3, 2006 Ravnica Flavor of the Azorius guild.
Vorthos Breaks Free Matt Cavotta May 17, 2006 Short Story on Vorthos.
The Horror at Ronom Glacier Doug Beyer June 21, 2006 Dominaria
The Battle of Kjeldor Monty Ashley June 28, 2006 Dominaria
Vannemir's Choice Adam Lee July 5, 2006 Dominaria
Time Twists and Destinies Interchange Matt Cavotta January 25, 2007 Dominaria Mirri, Crovax and Jedit Ojanen
Destiny Rei Nakazawa February 27, 2007 Rath Gerrard, Crovax, Selenia, Mirri.
Thick-Headed Mage Matt Cavotta March 15, 2007 The flavor of Echo
How Many Eyes? Matt Cavotta May 17, 2007 The flavor of Scry, Ugin
Gentlemen's Duel Matt Cavotta July 12, 2007 Dominaria Masrath, Tessebik
Lorwyn Survival Guide Doug Beyer October 31, 2007 Lorwyn Planeswalker guide to Lorwyn
The Mana Bond Doug Beyer February 6, 2008 Kephalai The flavor of Mana and Land
Roreca's Tale Wizards of the Coast March 19, 2008 Ergamon Roreca, Worzel, Thomil
The Sapling of Colfenor Jenna Helland July 2, 2008 Lorwyn Colfenor
The Seer's Parables Rei Nakazawa August 6, 2008 Shadowmoor
Spark Doug Beyer August 13, 2008 Shadowmoor
Encounter at the Necropolis Doug Beyer October 22, 2008 Grixis Sedris
The Soul of the World Jenna Helland January 21, 2009 Alara Progenitus
An Etherium Tale Doug Beyer March 4, 2009 Alara Sharuum
Circumnavigation Doug Beyer March 25, 2009 Alara Dragonsoul Knight
The Face of War Jenna Helland April 15, 2009 Alara Thraximundar, Elspeth
The Day a Vedalken Exploded Doug Beyer May 6, 2009 Alara
Gold Records Doug Beyer May 20, 2009 Alara Seven criminals of Alara.
A Different Kind of Origin Doug Beyer June 3, 2009 Alara A dream on Bloodbraided Elf.
Monument to a Lost Age Doug Beyer September 16, 2009 Zendikar Eldrazi Monument
The Journal of Javad Nasrin Doug Beyer October 14, 2009 Zendikar
Consortium Report: "The Incident at the Eye." Jenna Helland January 20, 2010 Zendikar Anowon
The Look of an Awakening World Doug Beyer February 3, 2010 Zendikar Nissa's Chosen
The Battle of Fort Keff Jenna Helland March 31, 2010 Zendikar Gideon, Emrakul
The Tale of Tuktuk Doug Beyer April 10, 2010 Zendikar Tuktuk
Phyrexia and the Vaultlord Doug Beyer September 8, 2010 Mirrodin Phyrexia
A Tale of Two Clone Shells Doug Beyer December 1, 2010 Mirrodin Trennet
Corrupted Conscience Jenna Helland January 19, 2011 New Phyrexia Karn
Phyrexia: The Strong and the Scattered Doug Beyer January 26, 2011 New Phyrexia Glissa
Liliana's Mission Doug Beyer August 31, 2011 Innistrad Liliana
The Saint, The Geist, and The Angel Doug Beyer September 14, 2011 Innistrad Saint Traft, Withengar
The Cursed Blade Ryan Miller and Team October 24, 2011 Innistrad
Deathtrap Jenna Helland October 26, 2011 Innistrad
A Backstory Update for Dark Ascension Doug Beyer January 4, 2012 Innistrad Liliana, Garruk
Sorin's Homecoming Doug Beyer January 11, 2012 Innistrad Sorin
The Prison of Silver Doug Beyer January 18, 2012 Innistrad Helvault
The State of the Faith Doug Beyer January 25, 2012 Innistrad Mikaeus
The Guardian, the Witch, and The Angel Doug Beyer March 21, 2012 Innistrad Liliana, Griselbrand, Sorin, Thalia
Angel's Rise and Demon's Release Doug Beyer April 9, 2012 Innistrad Liliana, Griselbrand, Sorin, Avacyn

Non-stories StF articles[]

Title Author Release Date Content
The Big Deal About Little Pictures Matt Cavotta February 21, 2005 Composing art for a small space.
Say My Name Matt Cavotta April 25, 2005 Naming cards.
The Flavor of Magic Matt Cavotta August 24, 2005 Introducing Taste the Magic.
Snack Time with Vorthos Matt Cavotta August 31, 2005 Introducing Vorthos and other bits.
The Magic Style Guide, Part 1 Matt Cavotta September 7, 2005 Details about a Magic Style guide.
Magic Style Guide (Part 1.5) Matt Cavotta September 14, 2005 Details about a Magic Style guide.
Style Guide Part 2 Matt Cavotta September 21, 2005 Details about a Magic Style guide.
Honeymoon in Dominaria Matt Cavotta September 28, 2005 Art and Golden Age nostalgia.
Digging into the Conclave Matt Cavotta October 5, 2005 The flavor of the Selesnya guild.
"Going, Going, Gone!" Hey, That's Alliteration! Matt Cavotta October 12, 2005 Alliteration in card game.
The Love Song of Night and Day Staff October 19, 2005 Love Song of Day and Night.
Green Thumb, Black Heart Matt Cavotta October 26, 2005 The flavor of the Golgari guild.
A Little Home Town Pride Matt Cavotta November 2, 2005 The non-guild flavor of Ravnica.
The House That Lies Built + The House That Lies Built (hidden) Matt Cavotta November 9, 2005 The flavor of the Dimir guild.
A Different Kind of Taste Matt Cavotta November 16, 2005 Guildpact teaser.
Metadwarfosis Matt Cavotta November 23, 2005 Why there are no more Dwarves.
Mythbashing Matt Cavotta November 30, 2005 Dispelling myths from previous articles.
Holy War, the Boros Legion Matt Cavotta December 7, 2005 The flavor of the Boros guild.
Art on the Fringes Matt Cavotta December 14, 2005 The art styles in Magic.
Milk nad Cookes with Anthony S. Waters Matt Cavotta January 4, 2006 Interview with artist Anthony S. Waters.
Niv-Mizzet, the Fountain-Head Matt Cavotta January 11, 2006 Details about Guild leader Niv-Mizzet.
RT3000, The Future of Magic Art Matt Cavotta January 18, 2006 Art and the digital age.
Life in the Big City Matt Cavotta January 25, 2006 Looking at the city of Ravnica.
Rage Against the Machine Matt Cavotta February 1, 2006 The flavor of the Gruul guild.
Pack a Lunch, It's a Field Trip! Matt Cavotta February 8, 2006 Magic artist website link list.
The Royal Bloodline (Emphasis on the Blood) Matt Cavotta February 15, 2006 Vampires of the Sengir family.
An In-depth Look at the Izze - Hey, Look at That! Matt Cavotta March 1, 2006 The flavor of the Izzet guild.
Card Concept: "Who is This Unsung Hero?" Matt Cavotta March 8, 2006 From card concept to final art.
He Builds with Guilds Matt Cavotta March 15, 2006 Matt Cavotta writes House of Cards.
Cage Match with the Stars Matt Cavotta March 22, 2006 Two legends bracket match-up.
The Tournament of Signet Parade Matt Cavotta April 5, 2006 Guildpact art awards.
Building a Magic Sanwich Matt Cavotta April 12, 2006 Start to finish - Goblin Flectomancer.
Cytoplasts, the Other Blue/Green Meat Matt Cavotta April 19, 2006 Cytoplasts, the flavor of Graft.
The Long and Winding Road Matt Cavotta April 24, 2006 Flavor text of Dissension.
Behold, the Power of Kashkaval! Matt Cavotta May 10, 2006 Linguistics of Dissension.
Hellbent, Hellbent for the Threshold! Matt Cavotta May 24, 2006 Naming the Ravnica block keywords and mechanics.
Bust Out the Soap, It's the Simic! Matt Cavotta May 31, 2006 The flavor of the Simic guild.
Deep Dish or Thin Crust? Matt Cavotta June 7, 2006 Reflections on Jeremy Cranford as art director.
Milk and Cookies with Ron Spears Matt Cavotta June 14, 2006 Interview with artist Ron Spears.
Don't Chew with Your Mouth Matt Cavotta June 21, 2006 Signed cards and artist drawings.
I'm Mr. 100 Below Matt Cavotta June 28, 2006 Coldsnap and Heidar.
Hot Temper, Cold Eyes Matt Cavotta July 5, 2006 Lovisa Coldeyes and flavor text.
Ravnica Guild Bake-Off Matt Cavotta July 12, 2006 Best guildmage/hall/signet/master awards.
I Freezem Therefore I Am Matt Cavotta July 19, 2006 The flavor of Snow.
Magic of the Flesh Matt Cavotta July 26, 2006 Magic and tattoos.
The Boys of Winter Matt Cavotta August 2, 2006 Best all around flavor Coldsnap cards.
The Incredible Hulk Matt Cavotta August 9, 2006 A possible story of the Protean Hulk.
Sympathy for the Demon Matt Cavotta August 17, 2006 The flavor of Rakdos guild.
The Great and Powerful Oz Matt Cavotta August 24, 2006 The art description of the Protean Hulk.
Parlez Vous Vorthos? Matt Cavotta August 31, 2006 What if there was a Vorthos card?.
Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Matt Cavotta September 7, 2006 Jaya Ballard.
Parlez Vous, Part Deux Matt Cavotta September 14, 2006 Adjusting the Vorthos card.
Inspiration Matt Cavotta September 21, 2006 First impression on old card art.
Dueling in Dominaria Matt Cavotta September 28, 2006 The flavor of the Time Spiral mechanics.
They're Back, and Bigger Than Ever Matt Cavotta October 5, 2006 Evaluating art from old sets (or not).
Um, Welcome Home? Matt Cavotta October 12, 2006 A somber return to Dominaria.
The Look of Time Spiral Jeremy Jarvis October 16, 2006 The look of Time Spiral.
A Word is Worth a Thousand Headaches Matt Cavotta October 19, 2006 Naming obstacles in a nostalgia set.
The Time Spiral Magic Museum Matt Cavotta October 26, 2006 Inspiration of Time Spiral cards quiz.
Dancing 'Round Mancers Matt Cavotta November 2, 2006 Mancy and the -mancer cards.
Milk and Cookies with Drew Tucker Matt Cavotta November 9, 2006 Interview with artist Drew Tucker.
Legends - Who's Got the Sauce? Matt Cavotta November 16, 2006 Time Spiral legends flavor and Vorthos art.
5-Baggers Matt Cavotta December 7, 2006 Best all around flavor Time Spiral cards.
Tastes Like an Egg Matt Cavotta December 14, 2006 More Time Spiral inspiration cards.
Milk and Cookies with Jim Murray Matt Cavotta January 4, 2007 Interview with artist Jim Murray.
Who's That Girl? Matt Cavotta January 11, 2007 Radha.
Controlled Chaos Brady Dommermuth January 18, 2007 Randomness, coherence and Planar Chaos.
Expressive Power Doug Beyer February 1, 2007 The flavor of planeshifted cards.
Any time of Day is a Good Time for a Pie Matt Cavotta February 8, 2007 Color pie and planeshifted cards.
Act Two of Three Jeremy Jarvis February 15, 2007 Time Spiral mechanical visaul clues and Planar Chaos art.
Time Spiral Magic Museum - Planar Chaos Exhibit Matt Cavotta February 22, 2007 Inspiration for Planar Chaos cards.
Backwards through the Looking Glass Doug Beyer March 1, 2007 Flavor shifts for planeshifted cards.
Breathe Deep, Smell the Words Matt Cavotta March 8, 2007 Card names and flavor text of Planar Chaos.
Speak the Word, the Word Is All of Us Matt Cavotta March 22, 2007 Lexicon - Planar Chaos.
Show me the Blubber Matt Cavotta March 29, 2007 Favorite fatty art.
"Q" from You - "A" from They Matt Cavotta April 5, 2007 Mailbag April 2007.
The Life of the Party Matt Cavotta April 12, 2007 Magus of the Vineyard.
Spelling It Out Matt Cavotta April 19, 2007 Defining the flavor of spells.
My Name is Joey Fatone, and I'll Be Your Waiter Matt Cavotta April 26, 2007 Select Future Sight art by new artists.
Vorthos Visits a Travel Agent Matt Cavotta May 3, 2007 Examining locations in Future Sight art.
Finale! Jeremy Jarvis May 10, 2007 Visual flavor of the future.
Blood Type V Matt Cavotta May 24, 2007 How Wizards cathers to Vorthoses.
Behind the Cardboard Matt Cavotta May 31, 2007 Names and flavor texts of Future Sight.
Tea and Biscuits with Pete Venters Matt Cavotta June 7, 2007 Interview with Creative Team member Pete Venters.
Gerrard Capashen Boots 54-Yard Game-Winner Matt Cavotta June 14, 2007 Coalition symbol in the art.
Eat Your Words Matt Cavotta June 21, 2007 Lexicon Time Spiral block.
Enchant Words Matt Cavotta June 28, 2007 Defining the flavor of Enchantments.
How Art Thou? Matt Cavotta July 5, 2007 How art is commissioned for Magic.
Where Numbers and Colors Collide Matt Cavotta July 19, 2007 Scoring Mirage versus Future Sight art.
Remembering Glen Angus Matt Cavotta July 26, 2007 Remembering artist Glen Angus.
That Lingering Taste Matt Cavotta August 2, 2007 Self selected favorite Taste the Magic.
10, on a Scale from 1 to 5 Matt Cavotta August 9, 2007 Scoring Tenth Edition art.
Is It Live, or Is It Memorex? Matt Cavotta August 16, 2007 Different ways of depicting art.
The Ballpark at Otaria Matt Cavotta August 23, 2007 The flavor of Otaria.
Wizardcycling 3 Matt Cavotta August 30, 2007 Matt Cavotta, leaving Wizards announcement.
The Last Quack Matt Cavotta September 6, 2007 Matt Cavotta, creating planeswalkers and goodbyes.
A Taste of Lorwyn Doug Beyer September 13, 2007 The tone of Lorwyn through words and arts.
Champions of Goldmeadow Doug Beyer September 20, 2007 The flavor of Kithkin.
Elementalism Doug Beyer September 27, 2007 The flavor of Elementals and Flamekin.
Bog is for Boggart Doug Beyer October 3, 2007 The flavor of Boggarts.
The Flavor of Tribals Doug Beyer October 10, 2007 The Tribal supertype and flavor.
Staging the Set Doug Beyer October 17, 2007 Working on the creative team.
Planeswalkers Unmasked Doug Beyer October 24, 2007 Ajani, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Garruk
Lorwyn Survival Guide Doug Beyer October 31, 2007 Planeswalker's Guide to Lorwyn.
The Book of Kith and Kin Doug Beyer November 7, 2007 Book of Kith and Kin
Drakes and Dragons, Wurms and Worms Doug Beyer November 14, 2007 Characteristics of Drakes, Dragons and Wurms.
This Article Is Every Creature Type at All Times Doug Beyer November 21, 2007 The flavor of Changelings.
Name Killers Doug Beyer November 28, 2007 Card name violations.
Magic in Stories Doug Beyer December 5, 2007 Struggle and using magic in storytelling.
Goodies from the Mailbag Doug Beyer December 12, 2007 Mailbag of Taste the Magic.
Folk of the Non-Pines Doug Beyer December 19, 2007 The flavor of Treefolk.
Good Things Come in Three Doug Beyer January 9, 2008 The flavor of Vendilion Clique.
Druids, Trees and Truth Doug Beyer January 16, 2008 Real world druids versus Lorwyn.
Interplanar Voyeurism: the Art of Morningtide Doug Beyer January 23, 2008 The art of Morningtide.
The Warrior Esthetic Doug Beyer January 30, 2008 The flavor of Warriors.
Power, Toughness and the Flavor Thereof Doug Beyer February 13, 2008 The flavor of +1/+1 Counters.
Share the Spark Doug Beyer February 20, 2008 Introducing Magic: the Gathering to a friend.
Roguish Charm Doug Beyer February 27, 2008 The flavor of Rogues in Morningtide.
Following a Dream Doug Beyer March 5, 2008 Dreams as currency in Lorwyn.
Tall Tales Doug Beyer March 12, 2008 The flavor of Giants.
The Known Mutliverse Brady Dommermuth March 19, 2008 A list of known Planes of the Multiverse.
The Shaman's Cause Doug Beyer March 26, 2008 The flavor of Shamans.
The Shadowy Pendulum Doug Beyer April 2, 2008 Contrasting flavor of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor.
Saving the Queen Doug Beyer April 9, 2008 Oona
You Can't Handle the Reaper King Doug Beyer April 16, 2008 Flavor of Scarecrows and the Reaper King.
Milk and Cookies with Jesper Ejsing Doug Beyer April 23, 2008 Interview with Jesper Ejsing.
Hybrid Flavor Doug Beyer April 30, 2008 Flavor of Gold versus Hybrid.
I'M IN UR COLUMN, TASTING UR MAGIC Ken Nagle May 7, 2008 Story hole assignments for design and development.
A Tasty Buffett of -1/-1 Counters Doug Beyer May 14, 2008 The flavor of Wither and Persist.
Frakkin' Zounds Doug Beyer May 21, 2008 Profanity and storytelling.
Through the Twinning Glass Evil Doug Beyer May 28, 2008 Contrary positions to creatives stance on story and flavor.
Planeswalkers and the Written Page Doug Beyer June 4, 2008 Planeswalker guides, planeswalker novels and block novels.
Allies in Conflict Doug Beyer June 11, 2008 Allied Color Paid in Shadowmoor.
Choose Your Own Shadowmoor Adventure Doug Beyer June 18, 2008 Choose Your Own Adventure in Shadowmoor.
Merfolk Resurfaced Doug Beyer June 25, 2008 The flavor of Merfolks.
Selkies and Subtypes Doug Beyer July 9, 2008 Selkies and Creatures Types.
Concepting Eventide, Part 1 Doug Beyer July 16, 2008 Joking the Magic creative team.
Art Appreciation: Jeremy Jarvis The Mimic July 23, 2008 False interviews on Magic art.
Concepting Eventide, Part 2 Doug Beyer July 30, 2008 Creating card concepts for Eventide.
Enemies in Harmony... Sorta Doug Beyer August 6, 2008 Enemy colors as allies.
The Art of Elves Doug Beyer August 20, 2008 The art of Elves.
How to Design a Hellion and More! Doug Beyer August 27, 2008 Info about the creations of Hellions, Lhurgoyfs, Thallids and Thrulls.
The Savory Mailbag Doug Beyer September 3, 2008 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
Running Wild Jenna Helland September 10, 2008 Naya and world-building.
Time for Esper Doug Beyer September 17, 2008 Design themes of Esper.
Alive and Unwell Doug Beyer September 24, 2008 Info about Grixis and Sedris.
Faction + Fiction Doug Beyer October 1, 2008 Factions and flavor of Alara.
An Angel's Eye View of Bant Doug Beyer October 8, 2008 The flavor of Bant.
Shards of Alara in Italics Doug Beyer October 16, 2008 Flavor text from Shards of Alara.
Ajani: Faces of a Planeswalker Doug Beyer October 29, 2008 Ajani.
The Movers and Shakers of Naya Doug Beyer November 5, 2008 The flavor of Naya.
Topic Explosion Doug Beyer November 12, 2008 Random flavor-related stories from Shards of Alara.
Perfection through Etherium Doug Beyer November 19, 2008 The flavor of Esper, Crucius
The Needs of Cards and Beyond Doug Beyer November 25, 2008 Variety, setting and story.
Jund's One Rule Doug Beyer December 3, 2008 The flavor of Jund.
The Flavor of Zones Doug Beyer December 8, 2008 Flavor of the Zones from the game.
Insights from the Inbox Doug Beyer December 17, 2008 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
Imaginary Imagery Doug Beyer January 1, 2009 Convincing fantasy writing.
The Secrecy of Aliens Doug Beyer January 14, 2009 Introducing yourself to a new world and planeswalkers.
Bolas's Secret Minions Doug Beyer January 28, 2009 Gwafa Hazid and Rakka Mar
The First Days of the Conflux Doug Beyer February 4, 2009 The Shards at war.
Incursion Zones Doug Beyer February 11, 2009 Locations on Conflux.
The Vorthos Award: Conflux Edition Doug Beyer February 18, 2009 A poll for voting the most flavorful cards of Conflux.
Vorthos Award Results and Keyword Flavor Doug Beyer February 24, 2009 The result of the precedent poll.
Tipping the Scales Doug Beyer March 11, 2009 A look at the biggest creatures of Magic.
Planeswalking into Conflict Doug Beyer March 18, 2009 Storytelling problems with Planeswalkers.
Magic Art Tropes Doug Beyer April 1, 2009 magic art tropes.
The One, The Only, Nicol Bolas Doug Beyer April 8, 2009 Nicol Bolas.
Jund's Trump Card Doug Beyer April 22, 2009 Karrthus.
Choices in the New Alara Doug Beyer April 29, 2009 Fighting forces in Alara Reborn.
Reality Check Doug Beyer May 13, 2009 Excerpts from Alara Reborn style guide.
Once More Unto the Mailbox, Dear Friends Doug Beyer May 27, 2009 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
Graduation Day Doug Beyer June 10, 2009 Lexicon Alara Reborn.
Flavor Driven Doug Beyer June 17, 2009 Card concepting and top-down design.
Odd Job Doug Beyer June 24, 2009 About creatures types and classes.
X+1 Heads Are Better Than X Doug Beyer July 1, 2009 Protean Hydra.
Games, Simulation and Magic 2010 Doug Beyer July 8, 2009 Sleep, Rise From The Grave, Gargoyle Castle.
A Fresh Coat of Magic Paint Doug Beyer July 15, 2009 Explaining functional reprints in Magic 2010.
Flavor of the Constellari Doug Beyer July 22, 2009 Flavor text of Magic 2010.
The Widening Spiral Doug Beyer July 29, 2009 Flavor concept: breath and depth.
Keeping Spells Spellish Doug Beyer August 5, 2009 Depicting creatures versus spells.
Topic Potpourri Doug Beyer August 12, 2009 Lands, stages of Magic civilizations and webcomics.
Our Path to Exile Doug Beyer August 19, 2009 Flavor of Exile.
Your Mailbox Is Over Vorthosity Doug Beyer August 26, 2009 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
The Planes of Planechase Doug Beyer September 2, 2009 Several planes appearing in Planechase.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Introduction The Magic Creative Team September 9, 2009 Details about Zendikar plane.
The Master at Arms Doug Beyer September 23, 2009 Flavor of the Kor.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Bala Ged and Elves The Magic Creative Team September 30, 2009 Details about Zendikar plane: Bala Ged.
The Moment of Discovery Doug Beyer October 7, 2009 Flavor of Landfall.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Guul Draz The Magic Creative Team October 21, 2009 Details about Zendikar plane: Guul Draz.
The Season for Costumes Doug Beyer October 28, 2009 Zendikar clothing.
Ally Cousine Doug Beyer November 4, 2009 The flavor of the Allies.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Ondu The Magic Creative Team November 11, 2009 Details about Zendikar plane: Ondu.
Worlds Beyond Our Own Doug Beyer November 18, 2009 Traveling to other worlds.
Brooms, Planes and Valakuts: Tales from the Inbox Doug Beyer November 25, 2009 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Tazeem and Merfolk The Magic Creative Team December 2, 2009 Details about Zendikar plane: Tazeem.
Booster Quest! Doug Beyer December 9, 2009 Format: Booster Quest.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Goblins The Magic Creative Team December 16, 2009 Details about Zendikar plane: Goblins.
Writing Comics Doug Beyer January 6, 2010 Path of the Planeswalkers and comics.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Akoum The Magic Creative Team January 13, 2010 Details about Zendikar plane: Akoum.
The Tyrants of the Cliffs Doug Beyer January 27, 2010 Kazuul.
Angry Lands, Brave Adventurers and Other Decks for Vorthos Doug Beyer February 10, 2010 Factions within Worldwake.
Staging an Intervention Doug Beyer February 17, 2010 Interview with artist Jason Felix.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Zendikar: Murasa and Sejiri The Magic Creative Team February 24, 2010 Details about Zendikar plane: Murasa,Sejiri.
Magic in the Connected Age Doug Beyer March 3, 2010 The flavor of magical communication.
Creative Ventures Doug Beyer March 10, 2010 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
Gods and Monsters Doug Beyer March 17, 2010 Zendikar deities
Booster Quest: The Shaman's Orb Doug Beyer March 24, 2010 Format: Booster quest Worldwake edition.
The Defiance of Angels Doug Beyer April 14, 2010 Angels
Rise of the Inbox Doug Beyer April 21, 2010 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
The Three Brood Lineages Doug Beyer April 28, 2010 Eldrazi
Form of the Writer Doug Beyer May 5, 2010 The different writing jobs of the Creative Team.
Rising to the Occasion Doug Beyer May 12, 2010 The flavor of Level up.
Planeswalkers Potpourri Doug Beyer May 19, 2010 The flavor of Planeswalkers and story impacts.
What Is Flavor? Doug Beyer May 26, 2010 Defining valor.
First Week's Flavor Adam Lee June 2, 2010 The first week working in Creative.
Auratouched Magery Doug Beyer June 9, 2010 The flavor of Auras.
Fear No Good Doug Beyer June 16, 2010 The flavor of Archenemy.
Palette vs. Color Doug Beyer June 23, 2010 Palette and Color.
The Lich Get Licher Doug Beyer June 30, 2010 Phylactery Lich.
Target: Face Doug Beyer July 7, 2010 The flavor of Leylines.
Planeswalkers' Signature Spells Doug Beyer July 14, 2010 The flavor of Planeswalkers signature spells.
Nicol Bolas, Archenemy Doug Beyer July 21, 2010 Nicol Bolas Archenemy decks.
Coming Home to Magic Doug Beyer July 28, 2010 Returning to Magic.
The Feedbackening Doug Beyer August 4, 2010 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
M11 from the Inside Doug Beyer August 11, 2010 The flavor of Magic 2011 cards.
Seven from the Seven Doug Beyer August 18, 2010 Seven thing on opening hands.
Slime, Trials and the Inner Garruk Adam Lee August 25, 2010 Events of the Creative Team.
Moreover: Doing Sequels Right Doug Beyer September 1, 2010 How to do sequels.
Myr Thee Well Doug Beyer September 15, 2010 The flavor of Myrs.
The Terms of Engagement Doug Beyer September 22, 2010 Mirrodin glossary.
Rotation Season Doug Beyer September 29, 2010 Style guides and rotations.
Spreading the Infection Doug Beyer October 10, 2010 The flavor of Proliferate.
The Key Is Time Doug Beyer October 13, 2010 Time and storytelling.
Three's a Craft Doug Beyer October 20, 2010 The flavor of Metalcraft.
You Down with O-T-T? Doug Beyer October 27, 2010 Scars of Mirrodin lexicon.
Infectiously Phyrexian Art Doug Beyer November 3, 2010 Visual style of Phyrexian.
How to Design a Specter and More! Doug Beyer November 11, 2010 Design of Specters, Trolls, Drakes and more.
The Human Cultures of Mirrodin Doug Beyer November 17, 2010 Human cultures of Mirrodin.
Continuum Doug Beyer November 24, 2010 Magical abilities in the Multiverse.
The Nonhuman Cultures of Mirrodin Doug Beyer December 8, 2010 Non-human cultures of Mirrodin.
Everything* Dies Doug Beyer December 15, 2010 The flavor of Darksteel.
Mail Bonding Doug Beyer January 5, 2011 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
Season Seventeen Doug Beyer January 12, 2011 Card names, problems and solutions.
A Linguistic Look at Besieged Doug Beyer February 2, 2011 Card titles origin of Mirrodin Besieged.
Public Displays of Aggression Doug Beyer February 9, 2011 Battle cries of the Mirran.
Milk and Cookies with Matt Cavotta Richard Whitters February 16, 2011 Interview with artist Matt Cavotta.
Why the Mirrans Will Endure Doug Beyer February 23, 2011 What it means to be Mirran.
Mirrodin Besieged in Paint and Pixel Doug Beyer March 2, 2011 Art from Mirrodin Besieged.
Germ Warfare: the Flavor of Living Weapon Doug Beyer March 9, 2011 The flavor of Living weapon.
Six Secrets Behind the Sets Doug Beyer March 16, 2011 Behind the scene with Scars of Mirrodin art.
A World sculpted from Metal Doug Beyer March 23, 2011 Creating a metal world with fantasy feeling.
Milk and Cookies with Jana Schirmer and Johannes Voss Richard Whitters March 30, 2011 Interview with Jana Schirmer and Johannes Voss.
A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia: Introduction The Magic Creative Team April 6, 2011 Details about New Phyrexia.
A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia: The Machine Orthodoxy The Magic Creative Team April 6, 2011 Details about New Phyrexia: the Machine Orthodoxy.
A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia: The Steel Thanes The Magic Creative Team April 13, 2011 Details about New Phyrexia: the Seven Steel Thanes.
A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia: The Progress Engine The Magic Creative Team April 20, 2011 Details about New Phyrexia: the Progress Engine.
A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia: The Vicious Swarm The Magic Creative Team April 27, 2011 Details about New Phyrexia: the Vicious Swarm.
A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia: The Quiet Furnace The Magic Creative Team May 4, 2011 Details about New Phyrexia: the Quiet Furnace.
Getting to Know the Praetors Doug Beyer May 11, 2011 The Phyrexian Praetors.
The Art of New Phyrexias Factions Doug Beyer May 18, 2011 Factions of New Phyrexia.
The Grand Mana Tour Doug Beyer May 25, 2011 Mana sources and Kiora.
Damia, Sage of Stone Doug Beyer June 8, 2011 Commander Damia.
Milk and Cookies with Jason Chan Richard Whitters June 15, 2011 Interview with artist Jason Chan.
Fifteen Commanders, Fifteen Tales Doug Beyer June 22, 2011 Bios of the Commanders.
Unsung Heroes of the Core Set Doug Beyer June 29, 2011 The flavor of Crumbling Colossus and others.
Eleventeen M12 Art Tidbits. Also, Plants! Brady Dommermuth July 6, 2011 Art of Magic 2012, plants.
M12 from the Inside, Part 1 Doug Beyer July 13, 2011 Flavor and design of Magic 2012, part 1.
Core Curriculum Doug Beyer July 20, 2011 Design and flavor of Magic 2012.
M12 from the Inside, Part 2 Doug Beyer July 27, 2011 Flavor and design of Magic 2012, part 2.
The Bloodthirsty Chef Doug Beyer August 3, 2011 The flavor of Bloodthirst.
Magic's Exclusive Creatures Doug Beyer August 10, 2011 Magics more unique creatures.
The Feedbackening 2011 Doug Beyer August 17, 2011 Doug Beyer responds to fan questions.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad: Introduction The Magic Creative Team August 24, 2011 Details about Innistrad plane.
Champions of the Parish Doug Beyer September 7, 2011 The flavor of Champion of the Parish and Humans.
Postcards from Innistrad: The Nonbasics Doug Beyer September 21, 2011 Non basic lands from Innistrad.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad: Gavony and Humans The Magic Creative Team September 28, 2011 Details about Innistrad plane: Gavony.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad: Kessig and Werewolves The Magic Creative Team October 5, 2011 Details about Innistrad plane: Kessig.
Costuming Doug Beyer October 12, 2011 Innistrad clothing.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad: Nephalia and the Undead The Magic Creative Team October 19, 2011 Details about Innistrad plane: Nephalia.
A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad: Stensia and Vampires The Magic Creative Team November 2, 2011 Details about Innistrad plane: Stensia.
Six Ways to Fail at Creative Endeavors Doug Beyer November 9, 2011 Six things not to do when working in creative.
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