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Savra vod Savo
Race Devkarin Elf
Birthplace Undercity, Ravnica
Lifetime ~9,800 Z.C. - Unknown (deceased)[1]
Ravnica, Dissension

Savra vod Savo was the matka (high priestess) of the Golgari Devkarin elves, to whom she was the leader for two hundred years.[1] Savra was born in the Ravnican Undercity to elves, and was the sister of Golgari guild leader Jarad.


Savra was a consummate caster of necromantic magic. Prior to becoming the leader of the Golgari, she secretly served Szadek, who urged her to revive the necromantically preserved body of the parun Svogthir, who promptly attempted to kill her. After proving that she had much more power over him than he did over her, they teamed up to take down the Sisters of Stone Death, a trio of gorgons who initially defeated Svogthir and took control of the guild. Svogthir ended up killing Lexya and Lydya and made an offer to Ludmilla to relinquish control. Savra then killed Svogthir and appointed herself guildmaster.

During her tenure as the guild leader of the Golgari Swarm and Devkarin, Savra continued to serve her hidden master, Szadek, who had helped her finagle her way to the top of the Golgari guild. Szadek used Savra to gain control of four of Ravnica's guilds — the Boros Legion, by replacing its leaders with lupul; House Dimir; the Golgari Swarm itself, by overthrowing the remaining Sisters of Stone Death; and the Selesnya Conclave, by Savra's becoming a member of the Chorus of the Conclave — simultaneously.

Soon after joining the Chorus of the Conclave, Savra was betrayed by Szadek, who brutally snapped her neck. Her body was then possessed by the mind and spirit of Svogthir, the Golgari parun, and, later yet, crushed and destroyed during the epic battle between the Momir Vig-created Project/Experiment Kraj, of the Simic Combine, and Rakdos, the daemonic parun of the Cult of Rakdos.[2]

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