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Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period January 6 - January 20, 2011
URL Scarred
Creative team
Writer(s) Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Mark Texeira
Letterer(s) Bob Jordan
Preceded By
Gathering Forces
Followed By
Dark Discoveries

Scarred is a webcomic about Koth who brings his fellow planeswalkers Venser, and Elspeth to witness the Phyrexian corruption of his homeworld. It was originally published in three parts in January 2011.

Part 1[]

Koth of the Hammer has brought his fellow planeswalkers Venser and Elspeth to his home plane and apologizes for forcing their hand. He describes Mirrodin as a masterpiece of art, crafted by an unknown hand, shimmering under the light of five suns of pure mana. While Venser is still angry about his abduction, Elspeth is willing to listen to Koth. Remembering the Phyrexians from her homeplane, she is more than prepared to attack the vile creatures. Koth explains how his world is in turmoil, elves fighting vedalken, goblins fighting loxodon, and leonin fighting each other, while the true enemy is lurking in the shadows. He wants to introduce his companions to a friend who has seen what Koth has seen himself.

In answer to a question of Koth, Venser tells him that he has visited Mirrodin before in the company of Karn. Venser starts to explain who Karn is and how he is connected to Mirrodin, when the trio unexpectedly come upon a desecrated landscape caused by a growing Mephidross. To no avail, Koth calls for his friend Malach. The noise stirs up the Nim, soulless creatures of the Dross, that attack the planeswalkers. Venser teleports some of them into the air, Elspeth uses her sword and Koth crunches an especially large one between two rocks.

Koth notices that the Nim never have spread so far before, and attributes this to the growing influence of the Phyrexians. Venser is now convinced that action has to be taken. However, a shocked Elspeth is covered in ichor and has second thoughts. She announces that she won't join the fight.

Part 2[]

Koth and Venser seek out the source of the spreading evil in the Mephidross. Koth bemoans the fact that he can't make a skiff for lack of ore, but refuses to be teleported by Venser. They travel the swamp by foot.

Meanwhile, Elspeth has found refuge in an Vulshok settlement. Remembering the Phyrexians of her homeplane, she despairs for the Mirrans. A Vulshok shaman who harbors her, accuses Elspeth of fleeing for a battle and tries to convince her that she should fight instead.

Back in the Mephidross, Koth finds a clanmate's hammer and fears for his death or abduction. Shortly after, the two planeswalkers are confronted by a Corrupted Harvester. Venser recognizes it as Phyrexian, and they attack.

Part 3[]

Koth awakes, finding himself and Venser strapped to an experimenting table. He quickly frees himself, but fails to rouse Venser before the Phyrexians arrive. He fights them off but is overpowered as Venser prepares to teleport them both out of the surgical theater. Before he can do this, Elspeth suddenly comes to their rescue. She has decided to revenge the people of her lost home. With Elspeth's help, they subdue their captors. Elspeth lead them to Ish Sah, which she believes to be the primary lair of the Phyrexians. Venser teleports inside for recon and is horrified by the sheer number of the forces within.

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