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Scourge (SCG) is the third set in the Onslaught block, it was released on May 17, 2003. There are 143 cards in total (55 commons, 44 Uncommons, 44 rares) The expansion symbol is a dragon mask.


Storm - When you play a Storm spell, you copy it for each spell played before it that turn.

Landcycling - Allows you to discard a card to search your library and place a land card into your hand.


The war between Phage and Akroma is over, but with no true winner, and one loser, Otaria. The clash of such sheer power merged the two into a new creature, Karona the False God, an immensely powerful being forged from all five colors of Magic (Phage was originally Jeska, a red aligned barbarian corrupted by black mana; Akroma was a white angel created by Ixidor, a blue wizard; both of which were simultaneously struck down the green aligned Kamahl). Karona is seen as a god by all who look upon her, and these followers would march to their death just to walk in her footsteps. War begins to mount between these factions, that each want to claim Karona for themselves.

Meanwhile, the Mirari poisoning is further polluting the inhabitants of Otaria, the elves are becoming taller and stronger, more like the very trees they protect. The soldiers are merging with their weapons and armor into living juggernauts. Zombies are sprouting new, more powerful arms...and heads. Also, the same explosion that created Karona, created a new master for the slivers, the Sliver Overlord.

Kamahl eventually frees Jeska. Karn returns and takes Jeska to his created plane, Argentum. He tells Jeska that she is a planeswalker, and asks her to travel the multiverse with him. She is hesitant to leave Argentum, until Karn shows her its guardian (Memnarch) forged from the Mirari. This event sets up the next block: Mirrodin.[1]


[2] Booster Packs - 15 random cards

Booster Box - 80 booster packs

Fat Pack - 6 booster packs, Scourge novel, spindown life counter, Scourge players guide, 1 premium land and 1 random premium card

Theme Decks - 4 decks each with 60 pre set cards




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