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Scryfall is a search engine for Magic cards.[1] The website was introduced on the World Wide Web in October 2016, claiming to be faster than similar sites. It also advertises as mobile-friendly, comprehensive, timely, and powerful.[2] Subsequent development focused on expanding the database to include high-resolution scans and previously uncatalogued game features such as artwork, card backs, tokens, and extras.

In April 2018, the Magic wiki replaced cardlinks using for ones that utilize Scryfall. In August 2018, Scryfall acquired and began servicing all of their URLs. In November 2018, Scryfall established a partnership with TCGPlayer to mutually improve the efficiency of data entry and the creation of high-quality card scans.[3]

Bots and APIs[]

Scryfall also offers Discord and Slack bots for card searches. Their complete database is open to the public via free APIs, or may be downloaded in bulk[4].