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Amonkhet's Second Sun is a celestial object of relevance in the plane's culture, both before and after Bolas's corruption.


Described as a "magical orb", this object moves across the sky more slowly than Amonkhet's actual sun,[1] casting the plane in light with rare instances of nighttime darkness.[2] It eventually aligns with Bolas' horns in the middle of Naktamun, announcing his arrival and the start of the hours.[1] This is revealed to have been a repurpose of the sun's original role in Amonkhet's culture as signalling the original Trials of the Five Gods.[3]

The Second Sun's light is apparently the source of Oketra's arrows, while Hazoret is said to have been born from the same magic that created it, the "God-Pharaoh's breath". While Bolas deceived the gods into believing he created Amonkhet, the Second Sun is in fact natural to the world.[3]


Incidentally, Nicol Bolas was also known as the Second Sun on early Dominaria.[4]

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