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Keyword Action
Introduced Jumpstart: Historic Horizons
Last used Alchemy: Thunder Junction
Reminder Text Seek (To seek a card, put one at random from your library into your hand.)
75 cards
{C} 1.3% {W} 10.7% {U} 18.7% {B} 9.3% {R} 10.7% {G} 14.7% {W/U} 4% {U/B} 2.7% {B/R} 1.3% {R/G} 2.7% {U/R} 2.7% {B/G} 1.3% {G/U} 4% {M} 5.3% {artifact symbol} 4% {land symbol} 6.7%
Scryfall Search

Seek is a designed-for-digital, MTG Arena-specific keyword action introduced in Jumpstart: Historic Horizons.[1][2] When an effect causes a player to take this action, the game will automatically choose a random card meeting specified criteria from the library, and put it into their hand.

Description[ | ]

Seek is a digital twist on a tutor effect. Certain cards allow you to seek a card with specific criteria, randomly pulling one from your library that meets that criteria without shuffling afterward – something that couldn’t happen at the tabletop without a player manually looking through their deck. While the reminder text is phrased traditionally as an instruction for the player to carry out, in fact, the game will resolve the effect automatically, and will not show the player the cards it randomly chose from, or any other cards in the library.

The conditions for seek dictate how much on the scale of tutoring compared to drawing the action becomes - in fact, one card (Choice of Fortunes) uses seek as a way to bypass library manipulation but is otherwise the same as drawing cards. One of the most popular conditions is seeking nonland cards, which is a step up compared to drawing cards as it guarantees a castable spell.

Rules[ | ]

Seek is not included as part of the Comprehensive Rules.[3] It operates according to the programmed rules of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Example[ | ]


Manor Guardian {2}{B}
Creature — Demon
When Manor Guardian dies, each player seeks a nonland card with mana value 2 or less.

Abilities similar to seek[ | ]

Several other digital-only abilities randomly choose cards from libraries but don't use the Seek keyword or operate quite the same.

Card Library Puts it... Quality
Vinesoul Spider Owner's Graveyard Lands
Geist of Regret Owner's Graveyard Instant and sorcery
Junkyard Scrapper Owner's Exile Artifact
Clone Crafter Opponent's Duplicate into owner's hand Creature
Fragment Reality Opponent's Under their control Creature
Better Offer Opponent's Under your control Creature
Undercity Plunder Opponent's Duplicate into owner's hand Anything
Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat Opponent's Exile Nonland

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