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The Hippodrome
First seen Legends
Last seen March of the Machine
Rabiah Scale 8[1]
Status Recovering from New Phyrexia's invasion
Demonym Segovian[2]

Segovia is a plane where everything exists in miniature at about a 1:100 scale.[3][4][5]

Description[ | ]

The largest creature on Segovia, a Segovian Leviathan, is about the size of a Dominarian elephant. When planeswalkers visit this plane they are automatically shrunk down to scale, but items taken out from Segovia are not equivalently enlarged.[2] The people of Segovia watch sports such as chariot races in arenas called Hippodromes.[4] It was once visited by Nicol Bolas, who noted its vastly aquatic nature.[6][7] It features cities both on land and underwater.[8]

During New Phyrexia's Invasion of the Multiverse, Segovia was invaded by at least one Phyrexian centurion.[9][10] Traveling to the plane via Realmbreaker's omenpath did not cause the invading Phyrexian to shrink down to the appropriate size the way planeswalking would.[11]

Planeswalker visitors[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Segovian Leviathan was in Legends. Everything about the name and art implied it was a giant creature, but it was only a 3/3. Players would joke about this, so the creative team devised an answer. There was a plane named Segovia where everything was much smaller.[12]
  • The plane has the same name as the Spanish city of Segovia.
  • Segovia's culture appears to be based on Ancient Greece or Rome; it features a hippodrome, and Caetus is named for the Cetus of Greco-Roman myth.

In-game references[ | ]

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References[ | ]

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