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Race Angel (altered) Phyrexian
Birthplace Serra's Realm
Lifetime ~2500-4205 AR
Rath and Storm, Born to Greatness

Selenia was a guardian angel on Dominaria, and the unrequited love of Crovax of the Weatherlight crew.



Selenia was once a true angel from Serra's Realm. She was an extraordinary warrior under the command of Radiant, the archangel who protected the plane against the Phyrexian invasion.


During combat, Selenia was taken prisoner by the enemy, who then used Phyrexian technology to twist her into a dark angel. The Phyrexians gave her the charge of keeping vigil over a noble young man named Crovax of Urborg, under the guise of being the family's guardian angel. The lonely nobleman came to see the angel as his only true friend.


Time passed and Crovax fell in love with Selenia, but the angel could not return his affection. Crovax ran away with the artifact that controlled Selenia and joined the Weatherlight crew. This allowed the Phyrexian creatures Morinfen and Gallowbraid to slaughter Crovax's family, who were left without a protector. Crovax and the Weatherlight crew confronted the demons in a fierce battle in which Rofellos was killed. Crovax summoned Selenia, whose skill turned the fight around. However, the angel was still unable to reciprocate Crovax's love. In desperation, Crovax destroyed the machine that controlled Selenia and the angel flew away, far from the hands of the man who loved her. She made her way to Rath, where she was placed in the service of the Phyrexian army.


Several years later, Selenia resurfaced when Weatherlight planeshifted to Rath to rescue Sisay. Due to her bond with Crovax, Selenia guided Predator into battle. The sight of his love turning against him drove Crovax insane, leaving him paralyzed with grief during the battle and afterwards leaving him with the single purpose of confronting his love and killing her. The two met again in the Stronghold, where Selenia badly wounded Mirri. Crovax wildly attacked the weeping Selenia, who allowed herself to be struck. However, in the instant that he killed her a terrible curse befell Crovax, turning him into a vampire.


Some time later Selenia was recreated by Yawgmoth, but she was little more than a puppet on a string. She was routinely used as a reward for the now-insane evincar Crovax when he completed a task and prayed to Yawgmoth. Selenia was last seen when Crovax was killed, emerging to take his spirit to the afterlife and giving him a form of redemption.

Planar Chaos alternate reality[]

In the Planar Chaos expansion, an alternate reality is introduced in which Mirri is the one who deals the fatal blow to Selenia, and thus becomes the Cursed One instead. This also leads Crovax to become a great leader and hero of the Dominarian Forces, who according to Pete Venters (painter of Crovax, Ascendant Hero) wears a plumed cape related to Selenia's wings.

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  • Selenia was named after Michael Ryan's cat Selena, which itself was named after a character from a role-playing game Michael played in.[1]
  • It has been long speculated that the angel depicted in Last Caress (a Desolation Angel, otherwise aligned with the Dominarian resistance) was meant to be the "resurrected" Selenia.


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