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Plane Innistrad
Part of Nephalia

In the Innistrad province of Nephalia, the foggy, quiet port of Selhoff is where the Nebelgast, the spirit-mist, is most active.[1]


Selhoff is a city on the edge of the world.[2] Mist almost perpetually covers the town and the nearby Morkrut Swamp. Because of the spirit activity here, it has repelled some humans, but it has attracted others — namely the skaberen and alchemists who experiment with geist energy. The elite of Selhoff dwell within towers and spires that set this town apart from others of Nephalia, which is why the phrase "the spires of Selhoff" is often used when Nephalians talk of their southernmost town.

The monstrous Kraum is often seen flying above the rooftops of Selhoff, cackling maniacally. This has made Ludevic, Kraum's creator, a wanted man among the residents of the coastal town.

The Nebelgast[]

The Nebelgast or 'Breath of the Sleepless' is a geist-filled fog that surrounds the known plane of Innistrad. In Selhoff and all along the Nephalian coastline, these spirits come and go with the tide, but that isn't to say that when the tide is out, spirits are absent (there are just far fewer). Because the tide is connected to the moon, the pull of the moon brings the spirits into the world of the living to haunt. The Nebelgast consists mainly of the marei (drowned sailors and shipwreck victims), the niblis (frost phantoms), but there is a host of other ghosts and spirits that are pulled by the moon as well.

Innistrad's galleons can venture out into the thinnest of these mists at low tide and skirt the shore from a set distance, but captains retreat to land before high tide lest they fall prey to the spirits.[3]


  • Selhoff lies on a small river delta where the river Ospid empties out into the Bay of Vustrow.
  • At the mouth of the Ospid lies a sizeable marsh known as the Morkrut Swamp. Few set foot within the Morkrut other than ghoulcallers, and even they can become lost in its mists. The Morkrut has been a dumping place for murder victims and unclaimed bodies for which no one will pay for proper burial. Because of this, the Morkrut is filled with banshees and other malevolent geists.
  • Sarka Manor, an estate near the Ospid River, just above the delta. Home to the Ospid Horror, a monstrous corruption running in the family and creating a hideous, inhuman creature every other generation.[4]

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