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Selvala of Alberon
Race Elf
Birthplace Paliano, Fiora

Selvala of Alberon is an elven high court member in the High City of Paliano on the plane of Fiora.[1]



Together with her close friend, the ambitious young Count Brago, she worked herself upwards in the ruling class of Fiora. She was beloved by the people, had her fingers on the pulse of every community and enclave. She fought for the rights of immigrants, and convinced many of the old titled nobility to give up privileges that oppressed the public, before the public rose up to dispose of them. Together with Brago, she drafted the Charter. Afterwards, Selvala began to explore the wilderness of the lowlands, bringing unique plants and animals to Paliano, stating she preferred the natural world to the mechanics of the artificer Muzzio’s artifact creatures, which only mimicked nature.


However, only three years after he had ascended to the throne, King Brago was diagnosed with a hereditary and incurable disease. The priesthood — or Custodi — started giving treatments to prolong his life but extended themselves too far. His body would deteriorate, but he wouldn't die. Thinking it an act of mercy, Selvala ended his suffering with a dagger through his heart. Brago's spirit was consequently released, but was unable to save Selvala when the Custodi threw her into the dungeons for murder.


After a while, the goblin dungeon keeper Grenzo released Selvala from the dungeons in a bid to kill the artificer Muzzio.[2] His plan to rid Paliano from Muzzio's creations backfired when Selvala released the constructs in his own tunnels. Selvala left the High City and went back to the wild places far below and far beyond.

Reign of the Black Rose[]

At the time that Brago's spirit was killed by the planeswalker Kaya and the Black Rose usurped the crown, Selvala was able to live unimpeded in Paliano again. She had been drawn into the city's affairs once more as artificial servants were abolished the nobles of Paliano took to using exotic beasts as replacements.[3] After Brago's second death, she was approached by Captain Adriana of the Guard to help get rid of the monarchy and help build the Republic of Paliano.[4]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Betrayal Nik Davidson 2014-05-14 Conspiracy Fiora Selvala, Brago
Blood Will Have Blood Shawn Main 2014-06-04 Conspiracy Fiora Selvala, Grenzo

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