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Mirrored Viscera Seer #15 of 100

Serial numbered cards are Magic: The Gathering chase cards are serial numbered with a golden stamp #1 of 100 to of #100 of 100 in the lower right corner of the art box.


Serial numbering[]

Serial numbering means every individual card is marked, either by a machine or by hand, with a unique number, usually followed by the maximum number in the run. Serial numbering first appeared on non-Magic trading cards in 1990 with Pro Set Football's Vince Lombardi Trophy Hologram card.[1][2][3]

Mirrored cards[]

"Mirrored cards" or "reversed cards" are serial numbered cards that are printed with their rules text and illustration in reverse. The golden stamp is non-reversed.

Viscera Seer[]

The 100 mirrored Viscera Seers are the first series of serial numbered cards to appear in the context of Magic: The Gathering. The first of these cards was found in November 2021 as a bonus card in a foil Phyrexian Praetors: Compleat Edition packaging.[4] The second card found was #15 and was found in a non-foil version of the same Secret Lair drop.[5]



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